Disastrous Media Coverage Painted EVERY Trump Action As Catastrophic, Gave Us BIDEN

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join senior commentary editor of the Washington Examiner Becket Adams to examine the media’s role in why Biden was elected.

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Guest: Becket Adams
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  1. The same stealing will happen during the senate voting as well. As if people want this crap. People what are you going to do? Nothing that’s why they’re doing whatever they want while telling you exactly what they’re going to do just to mock you

  2. I could have told you this 4 years ago. They are still doing it. They do it literally to any candidate not democrat. Look at the Virginia governor election. The only thing mentioned about the republican candidate is that Trump endorsed him. Nothing else.

  3. “I like Chris Wallace”

    Did you even watch the debates? You just ruined all your credibility as a thinking person with that absolutely retarded statement. He’s is a ridiculously biased hack and you just said “he does it straight” like a leftist would say about CNN

  4. This is a fact people were so stupid they believed the talking heads lies.
    So they out of true ignorance or stupid voted a life time criminal politition that never held a job in his lifetime.
    So FU, America You idiots got exactly what you voted for and it's going to kill your dumb ass's.

  5. Every single Biden voter should be blamed for the current administration. Turned so hard left that they got their heads wedged firmly up their own ass like a cheap attempt at creating a human ouroboros. America needs an actual insurrection, and the it ain’t just the administration that needs to be wiped out like the horrid shit stain that it is.

  6. 8 million votes over registered voters. Mail in ballots not folded. How many cars pull up at 3 am to counting places with boxes of votes. We know the media is unfit but the election was stolen. Some voting places were connected to the internet. You can’t look honestly and say Biden won. He couldn’t fill more than 12 hula hoops at any one event

  7. Trump is the leader of the free world…
    So true what you say, They still continue to bash Trump its disgraceful. Our X Prime Minister here in Australia John Howard blamed Trump the other day for the Afghanistan stuff up. I couldnt believe it. Then you have others who have so much hate and vitriol for Trump, I ask them why they just go on a tangent about his a dictator, his racist, mysogynist, narcissist all these names under the sun.. IM like "Where do you get your information from and they cant back it up" 🤣🤣

  8. Chris Wallace is dishonest. Why did he ask Trump "once and for all" about being racist. He asked the same question of Trump "once and for all" in 2016. I liked him because no matter his politics he seemed fair. Now he's just a disgusting human being.

  9. When Libs insult Fox News or Breitbart I always say that neither of them EVER did anything as egregiously dishonest and literally dangerous as MSNBC editing the George Zimmerman 911 call.

  10. The fake media coverage didn’t help, it’s what turned ignorant people against him, but let’s be real here…ballot fraud put Biden in the WH, NOT 81 million dumbasses. There simply aren’t that many ignorant voters in America. Didn’t happen!
    That said, we know you can’t make that claim because the Commie censors on YouTube would assault your page with jail time if you spoke the truth…but we can say it. Ballot fraud placed Biden in office.

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