Disgraced SPLC tries to smear Andy Ngo in hit piece

A blogger for the disgraced SPLC reached out to me earlier in the summer for a hit piece using guilt by association. I reminded him that the place he works at literally provided a “hate map” used by a left-wing attempted mass shooter. Watch the full episode of my ad-free livestream, “Weekly Notice”:

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Written by Andy Ngo


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  1. So tired of these people who think they are morally superior to everyone else and think they can dictate who should and should not be heard. I personally appreciate your reporting and Elijah Shaeffer's because I drove 100 miles out of my way to avoid Portland the day you were attacked because I was aware of what was going on there, thanks to your reporting. We will not forget the price you've paid because you could not be bought.

  2. How do I explain this. Like you Jason Wilson is gay, but he targets you in order to maintain "A Safe Space". The Guardian is full of people like Jason Wilson. There are multiple outlets like the Guardian who have abandoned all rational in order to maintain "A Safe Space". But the major search engines still carry outlets like "The Guardian", "The Huffington Post", "The Daily Beast", "Rolling Stone", "Salon", "Buzzfeed" as news. Even though labeling such outlets as news couldn't be any further from the truth. Do you think there would a catastrophe if for some reason tomorrow people realized Search Engines Promote pro-antifa news outlets that promote terrorism against those they disagree?

  3. Andy, if they'd be hypocrites, if only they had double standards. They are what they've always been, grifters. Oh? An example, you say?? They're f*cking reaching out to you, in hopes you can provide a spark, some kinda charge! Hope. A lotta their bad guys have been locked away, dozens more made them look like fools and liars. Grift's going off a cliff. Save them, Andy, save them! lol F*cking losers

  4. Andy thank you 🙏 for everything you do… I was able to cut your hair 💇🏻‍♀️ once and really enjoyed our discussion.. I believe you to be a wonderful young man.. thank you 🙏 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

  5. Jealousy is such a base urge for SPLC and its ilk to indulge, but there it is. SPLC lost a suit, had to pay out to a Muslim independent journalist when the court found that it had in fact libeled him as being an anti-Muslim Islamaphobic terrorist for holding certain scrupulous opinions not flattering to Islam. Morris Dees, the storied and fallen founder, was ousted for alleged sexism and racism. You're the tough and just enough crazy mensch this world needs a lot more of. Watch your six, paz y salud.

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