‘Disgraceful’: Daniel Andrews ‘gone into hiding’

Liberal MP Brad Battin says it’s “disgraceful” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has “gone into hiding” when families deserve a response to the state’s ambulance report.

The report found the speed at which the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) was answering calls had “fallen below community and government expectations”.

Ambulance and triple-zero call delays resulted in 33 people dying, according to the report.

“Daniel Andrews, the challenge is on you now, you must come out, these families deserve it,” Mr Battin told Sky News host Peta Credlin.


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  1. Ohh, you arseholes want to go after him for this, yet when he was bashed by the father of a young girl you cover up for him saying he " fell down some stairs drunk"!!@!..your all grubs that need stringing up from the light posts.!

  2. They have deliberately made people die!! They killed the old in age homes. These greedy bas.tards that have been behind this must pay!!! Daniel Andrews must get the death penalty!! Lock that paedophile up!!

  3. what a coward… standard state and federal politician response… but andrews' punishment is coming.. for him and his entire bloodline.. rot in hell in andrews…you can run like the little pig you are…but you WILL be found…and punished…in this life…and the next..and the next etc..

  4. This disgusting man needs to step down. He's a Narcissist, a Megalomaniac and him and his party are corrupt. My friend of more than 40 years 84 year old mother lay on a cold floor waiting 5 hours for an ambulance. It's beyond me how this man is still in power. HE'S KILLING PEOPLE!

  5. If it's government operated that's the problem. People need to take first aid training and have emergency kits. It is obvious this issue isn't going to be addressed so take control of your own situations the best you can.

  6. I am in The UK and it the same here, empty ambulances waiting with crews and not allocated any jobs. I went to a local hospital and was having an MI the doctor there wanted me to be transferred straight away as an emergency as he was there alone and no facilities. He phoned the ambulance service and told it would be 7 hours before somebody would be sent for me. He actually found one for me by flagging down an ambulance outside in the road.They took me the 30 miles to the real hospital . When I got there, there was 14 empty but crewed ambulances in the waiting area. The centre was not sending them on calls. The management of the service is polluted with freemasons and they were following the same WEF agenda the your Andrews is following as one.
    I was transferred to London next day and got a quintuple bypass as an emergency straight away, so it showed that I was an emergency case.

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