DISGUSTING! Democrat Strategists Are GLAD That War Broke Out In Ukraine.. “It’s Good For Biden”


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  1. Have you guys witnessed the video of the four "Ukrainian Militants," crucifying the "Belarus National," to a cross, and then burning him alive?

    I don't sympathize with Ukraine. Not after witnessing what they've been doing to Belarus Nationals, and Latvia Nationals.

    Actually, I'm not concerned about this war, period.

    Ukraine's government is absolute garbage, and unbelievably corrupt.

    Maybe Putin can kill all of the Nazi's and Ukrainian officials inside Ukraine. Then, hand the USA all the documents illustrating HRC's, Biden's, Romney's, Kerry's, and other U.S. officials involvement, and which have had corrupt dealings with the Ukrainian Mafia to shed some light on all of the American Political corruption from the American Political Class.

    I think that would be just wonderful.

    In conclusion, Ukraine isn't worth American involvement.

  2. Power is never a gift but a responsibility you must be responsible for your own actions of what you do and don't blame others for your actions . There must be something that the Dems and Rinos don't want us to see .


    "Vladimir Putin is an existentionanomial threat to you and your kids! He's even bombing schools! And kids go to school! And school is where they serve pudding. And I like pudding. Mmmmm! Pudding! Almost 3pm – Time for pudding! I sure like pudding. Kids go to school and they serve pudding there at lunch. I like pudding. I like kids too. Pudding and kids – Good times! Pudding tastes good and kids smell good! Almost 3pm – that means kids gettin' outta school – and almost time for pudding! Mmmmm… I sure like pudding…"

  4. Giddy… Yeah, they're giddy, L.H.M.
    They're giddy because they planned this. They manipulated this. They egged on Russia from the beginning…
    But the you already know this.

  5. Kinda funny they support it considering the massive backfire fuel prices and inflation are becoming, completely overshadowing any "boost" they think they were going to get.

  6. The establishment wants this war, both dims and republitrash. It helps push their agenda and kill the middle class, bringing more depending on the massive nanny state. They did the same with cv

  7. The US created this war, just a small sample: 2014 Obama reforming Ukraine government to his puppet state, 2019 getting them to break off from Russian orthodox church, 2022 Harris bragging about bringing Ukraine into nato in violation of our agreement, which has been going on for a while, 2022 lindsay graham calling for hit on Russian president

  8. Gas/ petrol prices in NewZealand are now hitting $4.00 a LITRE NOT A Gallon A LITRE !!! (3.79 litres per gallon) Thanks!! BIDEN, PELOSI, SHIFFER And SCHUMER.

  9. Putins Fault For Price Hikes, Full Costs of Fuel Sky High etc…My Ass! The root of the US's out of control downward sprial is on Potato Joe and the demonrats period. No More Lies!!!

  10. Brilliant. Americans service members should REFUSE to go to Ukraine is order to. We have no business defending Ukraine and ZERO American blood should be spilled in that country. I don't care of Russia takes over "biomedical research facilities". If the ACTUALL ARE WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE…then so what. If they are bio-weapons labs, then…oh well…and we need to be putting some folks here in the US in jail

  11. No one was happier for russia invading ukraine than the American left, they've been praying for a distraction from all of their failures
    Now they will claim Joe's "leadership" saw us through the coof, the "strongest economy ever" blah blah blah
    And the sheep will believe it…..

  12. This administration is a failure and should resign and take Nancy and chuck with them. I don't know how pple can even support theses pple. This administration should show 0 for support idk how he has 42% it just shows how out of touch some are.

  13. The thing is he’s being so obvious about it but even the stupid people are feeling played it’s amazing at least be a little subtle I mean pretty soon if there’s a shooting or hurricane it’ll be perfect Putin’s hurricane it’ll be per Putin earthquake or Putin’s winter storm it’s that obvious what he’s doing and even the politically stupid or even picking up on that

  14. Glad? They went out of their way to cause it! Remember back in 2015 we were building up in conflict with Russia? Putin even said if Killary got elected we would be at war in less than a year!!

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