DISGUSTING – Vic Government using children to force jabs

The jabs are coming to your school…book an appointment with the principal ASAP

Help with principal appt info –

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  1. My sister has already had a one on one meeting with the principle of her young sons school.She took in a letter explaining her beliefs on the subject and also stated that in no circumstance what so ever is her son to receive any V without her written/vocal consent among other things.Both herself and the principle signed the document,my sister kept a copy and another copy was placed into my nephews file.My sister said the principle was very understanding and said that she wasn't the first parent that had raised concerns over this issue.But principle wouldn't say any more than that.

  2. the drones and sheep will vote labor or liberal back in.I suspect a hung parliament and libs end up back in.The minors will get 14% of the vote.The so called freedom movement is controlled by ego.Anyone with ideas is ignored because the ego refuses to relinguish control.I personally was 9 months and 4 months ahead of 2 issues ignored and then they stood there gushing about how they "knew".They wont win this election because they refuse to listen to anyone.I can show them how to secure votes from the sheep but the arrogance and ego refuses to yield so they simply ignore.So they will lose and that is a given and THEn the govt will come after you and your kids full steam and at that point the self proclaimed leaders will run and you will be on your own.All that is happening is in the Bible and we are in the very very end of the last days.the dates are in the Bible but the self proclaimed leaders will tell you that we are not under the judgment of God.Those that dont have a full on relationship with jJesus will perish.If they touch your kids what then?Court???what a laugh.if they touch mine guns come out.If enough let them know that is the plan they will back off.The one thing they are afraid of is a physical reckoning.

  3. Gov has a crazy contract with Big Pharma they need to fulfil. This is not going to end until all the drugs on order are administered. Why do you think citizens have no access to the contracts? Don't get angry, think clearly and politely decline.

  4. About time someone has the guts to say what most people are thinking. Enough is enough it is time the State Government took its hands off our children. There are hospitals with wards full of vaccine injured patients, who were otherwise healthy, prior to getting the covid vaccine. Why isn’t this being publicised? Only the parents have the right to decide what is best for their children when clearly there is a risk from the vaccine and no scientific evidence that children in this age group are at risk from covid.

  5. im surprise they have 200 doctors having nothin else to do but jab kids, be good to check their credentials before and if one is accepting the jab, not only this kids have better immunity system to get over the virus if they get it within hours
    no need for the jab at alll

  6. The whole world is dropping the mandates slowly, Australian government is still pushing the criminal agenda on its own ppl , disgusting government and all states premiers needs to go

  7. Yes this will not be happening to my children have been told that if anybody at the school tries to give them anything or make them wear a mask they are to immediately tell the teacher to contact me and they are to leave the premises and come straight home and I would love to homeschool my children but I am a single parent who works and the father is a moron there just takes drugs and gets paid by the government to do so and yet does not participate in their lives like them all that he is thanks to the system an in Kadina and Wallaroo and places in South Australia all I see is children and adults wearing masks and it just makes me cringe

  8. Not gonna budge. My kids are safe not gonna be coerced. I’ve written to WA education minister telling her my kids will be out of school the moment mandates on masks occur. Seeking education dept on homeschooling. Exemptions are impossible for kids in WA. Drs are gutless here. Love your work RDA xxx

  9. When children are involved and the risk outweighs the benefit it’s time to make a stand and say no more to the governments blackmail tactics. Children should not be used as ‘ shields’ for the rest of community- let their immune system do its god given job.

  10. Elections are important and every vote counts our soldiers fought and died so we could have the vote lets make it hard so they cant steal it ever again –Election polling Observers and make a decision no Dominion Voting in Australia Thanks RDA stay true to you what fits wear it what dosnt cast it off Blessings

  11. __________________________________________________________________________________________\\

    * *


    Most of us already know what I'm about to remind you of… We learnt it from our parents, who learnt from theirs, and who learnt it from their parents; and so on…

    Here's a reminder of what YOU ALREADY KNOW:

    The child's immune system, just like the immune systems of both young and mature/elderly adults, constantly monitors the individual's health status (i.e., "24 / 7 / 365"). As we get very elderly, our immune system tends to become less potent. But, this is no cause for practicing 'Polypharmacy' (the practice of prescribing multiple medications and treatment protocols all at once and all too often to the detriment of the patient). Many people were needlessly killed before their due time through polypharmacy and subsequent Liver Toxicity.

    The healthy/functional immune system is always on guard to protect us from illness or injury. The blood carries many and varied kinds of defensive weapons, for example different types of white blood cells programmed to combat infection via specific roles each. They don't need any medicine/s like vaccines. The healthy/functional immune system performs much better without vaccine and does a much more thorough job in noting the pathogen's details for the next exposure/infection episode.

    The infectious agents are called "Pathogens" because they create illness.

    Vaccines for CoVID-19 are not as effective as they're promoted as in the TV/News Press media.

    The immune system works to maintain constant vigilance against infectious disease and infections from injury, AS WELL AS instantly working to promote healing of such injury/s from the moment they occur. This reflex response to infection is instantaneous and potent.

    Vaccines are a weak/impotent exposure to only a small amount of pathogen details. The immune system does far more profitable work when combatting real infectious agent/s and in real exposure to pathogen/s.

    The 'SARS-CoV-2 virus' is one such pathogen. It causes the disease known as "CoVID-19". To my relatively extensive knowledge in this area, SARS-CoV-2 was not actually discovered the same as all the other viruses in existence were discovered.

    Ya see, viruses usually always become discovered, especially in regards to the causing a pandemic or epidemic proportion, when a wave of more than 2 cases of a new/unfamiliar illness/es and/or death/s appear in a nation, continent, or sector of the globe.

    CoVID-19 was only "discovered" when it was released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) laboratory in Wuhan, China, where it was genetically designed from a different virus found in bats. Once released, it then infected a bunch of the Chinese lab worker's fellow Chinese countrymen shopping at the Wuhan Wet Market (where they purchase exotic gastronomic delicacies such as bats and pangolin animals).

    Also, Respiratory (Airborne) Viruses are unavoidable. They're in the air we breathe and follow the colder seasons where sunlight is less common. Like all concepts that seek to destroy life, they're evil and like to hide themselves in dark places. They're no match for the bright, warm sunshine and light of day. Which is why God blessed us with the vigilant immune system that intercepts these airborne pathogens in the air we breathe

    Another thing that is highly suspicious… How can a person test positive for a confirmed infectious disease diagnosis when they have no symptoms? They test positive through the fallacious (and improperly used in this setting) PCR Genetic Test. That's it. There's no complaint of relevant clinical symptoms (such as aching bones and/or fatigue/malaise) and no relevant clinical signs (such as fever and/or hypertension) are found either.

    However, with the literally novel nature of the CoVID-19 disease, the novelty of the PCR test took the biomedical fraternity to town and the world by storm when they began to redefine certain vital concepts in medicine, such as "Diagnosis", "Vaccine", and ""Case".

    Now, with CoVID-19, a case can be positive for the disease without even being infected. How the fuck does that work? …It doesn't! They label these poor souls as "Asymptomatic", which is a complete misnomer in this instance.

    The term "Asymptomatic" refers to a patient's state after disease has been defeated, not as a new state of an infectious disease. Prior to this CoVID-19 mess, "Asymptomatic" actually effectively always meant the individual was no longer diseased. Prior to CoVID-19, the asymptomatic patient had basically recovered from their illness.

    For any positive diagnoses of an infectious disease to be taken seriously, they first need to have the patient explain their complaint/s. That is where the manifest symptoms will be noted. If the patient has n complaint, they have no disease. The fact that the PRC test can detect some fragment of DNA should not be used in confirming a CoVID-19 case in someone with no complaints.

    After this comes some appropriate clinical testing, for example Temperature with a thermometer, and perhaps blood pressure for any hypertension. Other clinical tests might an energy/fatigue complaint survey questionnaire to help gauge their energy levels compared to normal.

    The point is that CoVID-19 was a massive deception.

    No-one likes to be later informed they've been deceived, especially on the global scale of CoVID-19, but those of us who didn't listen to all sides of the discussion, to each and every aspect of it, in order to hear every point of view and achieve the ultimate in perspective, they missed the memorandum that politely informed practically everyone on the entire planet that it was a big deception to trick as many as possible into conforming to the authoritarian ways of the allied nations as they prepare for World War 3 and all the restrictions that come with World War, for example fuel and grocery rations among the people ("Russia/China et al.", Vs. "UK/UN/USA et al.")

  12. Now that the narrative has collapsed, with even MSM telling the truth about the fear campaign waged against everyone, people should start putting their foot down where Andrews mandates are concerned. To home school a child before the scamdemic, was at the cost of the school. I looked into it for my daughter several years ago……It costs a school more to homeschool a child, than it does for a parent to send their kid to the school…at least it did when i investigated it through the ED. Parents should call the Education Dept and ask for the paperwork involved.

  13. Its sickened ne to see children recieving these vaxes which are not..
    Whats wrong these parents????
    Get rid of Dodgy-Dan Andrews…
    Im a grandparent.
    Ive young grandkids..
    How dare this MONSTER being a BIG FAKE DADDY..
    His more than sick. His certainly SATANIC…
    So much forcState Laberals. Matthew Guy HELPING We The?Victorian Ppl.. If anything his worse. A COWARD..
    He obviously agrees with this shyte of Labour & his own Lib's…& Greens & Reason Prostitution Partys.
    All of them.
    Children dont need this crap…
    No one KNOWS the long term effects…especially for children…
    Dodgy-Dan goes down, he knows?whats coming very soon, his taking revenge on the Adults through our children…
    Victorians AWAKEN UP NOW….

  14. Dan Andrews, Jacinta Adern, Justin Trudeau. They seem to be very similar in their coersion. Masks are so bad for kids not only for breathing properly but injury to not seeing a mouth when speaking.

  15. All for a virus that has not impacted overall death rate in the last 2 years, they just moved the numbers around to make false claims and deaths from flue vanished over night.
    The last 3 years were not about a pandemic, were are in a global coup, our governments have been "penetrated" (Klous Schwab's word not mine) and our leaders sold us out.
    PREGNANT WOMAN SHOULD NOT BE WEARING MASKS. You can't expect to grow a healthy baby in an oxygen staved enviroment.

  16. 1016,00 adverse affects TGA id love to see parents sleep at night after they have mamed or murdered their child . They will be having screaming nightmares every night! For the rest of there lives! The price of stupidity 😪

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