DISHONORED Gets Woke, Goes Broke: A Rant

How Arkane went from ‘DISHONORED’… to ‘DISCONTINUED’…

Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. You know Anita does not play games when she does not even mention the most badass woman in video games Samus Aran from Metroid. That was a great representation for them because nobody knew at the time Samus was female.

  2. "If you study history… uh… women often get written out of history" of course. So we wont see women soldiers in history then

  3. Dishonoured should have been less wizards with a drama prop sword and more what if Garret took a career change into contract murder, giving us all sorts of steam and cog style gadgets to reach high places and traverse dangerous areas along with various murder gadgets to creatively murderise targets while maybe adding in some dark brotherhood style accident set ups for those who like to be the invisible death sort of assassin

  4. So… everyone has forgotten Witches of Brigmore? Literally an entire faction of powerful, independent female characters that pose a threat/obstacle to one of the most successful groups of assassins to date? Nah, dishonored 1 'wasn't so good to women'. THANKS, ANITA!!!

  5. Just finished playing through the whole series. Enjoyed two, but that was easy since you can just ignore everything to do with Emily and get your revenge and take down a bad guy that is a woman. Which is rare in this day and age. Death of the Outsider though is….wooo…How many checkboxes does this thing have? Black: Check. Lesbian: Check. Disabled(but not really): Check. And stonk enough to kill a million men: Super-check. Wow. Very woke. kind of enjoyed it, but it's definitely at a low tide compared to the other two.

  6. Yes because Dishonored the game where you play as foreigner hunting down rich white people wasn't woke before. And one of the only characters who was trustworthy was a guy with an accent, (Slackjaw). Seriously because women are in it 's Sjw propaganda now?

  7. its really the female soldiers they seem forced tbh I mean everything else is good its just those damn guards they weren't a thing in the first.

  8. I still fail to see how Dishonoured 2 is woke.
    -The story is well done and has no evidence of shoehorned identity politics
    -Playing as Emily is completely optional
    -At no point does the game sit you down to preach to you about modern day politics
    The only thing that doesn't quite gel are female guards in a game set in it's equivalent of the 1880s, but even then it's barely noticeable and doesn't really change anything.
    I hate woke bullshit as much as the next guy but this ain't it chief.

  9. Why can’t you just judge a game based on its own merrit? I don’t like Anita either, yet I find both Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider to be great games. Far from perfect, but great.

  10. I really enjoyed the first Dishonored. I think I beat it twice. For context, I have never played a Thief game, and am not well versed in the stealth genre. I thought the world/"lore" and the gameplay in Dishonored were really fun, even if playing with limited lethal takedowns was probably a little too easy and playing nonlethal resulted in your number of useful powers being even more limited (especially if you wanted to play completely pacifist). Regardless, it's not a game I'm a big fanatic of and I don't really have much interest in playing it again or getting into sequels. Even the DLC with brand new powers and characters didn't draw me in and I stopped halfway through. Anyone who thinks Dishonored is a masterpiece in terms of gameplay or story needs to reevaluate…

  11. I’ve played dishonored 2 and I didn’t see anything related to SJW all there is are a female guards mixed in with the enemy list not including playing as Emily Which I liked
    From what I understand the only thing Anita pointed out is she didn’t like how women were shown as sex object and they have no impact on the narrative.
    You have dig deep down if your ass to come to the conclusion that the female NPC in game are a bad thing when their just part of the enemy list

  12. Has anyone seen how many of these companies are actually bad environments for women?.

    and they want to sell us a pipe dream,they're fucking nuts man.