Disinformation Governance Board Chief LIED On CNN About Surveillance

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  1. Notice he was smiling when he lied through his teeth, why did he do that you might wonder? Simply because he knows nothing will ever be done to prosecute him, its all theatre designed to trick and fool the American people into thinking they really have 'accountabilty, freedom, justice and democracy' when the real facts are they don't. Its the corrupt elite who has all the power that'll only change when American's take to the streets to demand back their freedoms, justice and real accountability.

  2. Liberal democratic socialists cannot renounce Orwell as their beacon for anti-communism when republicans use a literary criticism directed at the only communist state the author could have known of his day to the Department of Homeland Security of the US the author could not have known in his day.

  3. We all know that we are ruled by criminals, child fackers, and killers. So what now? Do we just keep talking, as they round us up? You can't believe a single word the government spews. Imagine if we weren't chickenshit, and loved our children?

  4. At what point do you think, you see the right is definitely more inline with freedom? That you keep saying it's s right winner ringer doing it, not a Democrat! That's because they are more sensible on normal things. Now there isn't a lot left on the right that will stand up and do the right thing. I will give you that!

  5. Censorship Tzar: "We are will be the ones monitoring what people say"
    Also the Censorship Tzar: "We won't monitor people"

    Censorship Tzar (the loud part): "We will draw from best practices…"
    Censorship Tzar (the quiet part): "We will use the best practices outlined by the CIA and NSA on how best to conduct covert surveillance"

  6. the oligarchs perched on top of the pyramid shit on everyone down to the base. you have to kiss alot of asses to climb on the watchtower ladder. "When top level guys look down they see only shit. When bottom level guys look up they see only assholes."

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