Disney Animators JUMPING SHIP to…The Daily Wire?!

Disney artists are apparently jumping ship to The Daily Wire. Yes, THAT Daily Wire. The right-wing political news site The Daily Wire. Yes, they’re making cartoons now for some reason. And a Disney veteran with a pedigree is actually heading up the animation department. Wild…

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Written by Clownfish TV

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  1. Sharing good morals and virtues is not inherently political. It's when they are applied to greater society and its governing body when it becomes political.

    A superhero saving someone in need is lesson in virtue but is not political. It wouldn't be a good story lacking that lesson.

  2. Listen there's a lot of Christian stuff that is good just not advertised i just wish the random putting in scripture is unnatural but having it as how people do it IRL would go over well

  3. So this is talked about a bit more on the more political side of the internet. Essentially the daily wire wants to establish conservative content into pop culture. Sense conservatives have higher christian parent rates they really want to go for the parents that dont want to show their children disney+. They will probably have the problem of being the "right wing" entertainment

  4. 8:42 wanted to comment on that, while i understand what the commenter means, being Christian should influence how you see the world and consider your vote when looking at politics. For example, if something is declared evil in the bible any real christian agrees. So if a political party supports evil that should influence your view of the party. Sometimes there those who call themselfs christian but have none of that world view once they walk out of church

  5. thomas sowell wrote about this you can't afford discrimination. Someone will take the people you hate and reject. Disney hate us, I will watch Daily wire if is good.

  6. I'm not a DW subscriber but it's pretty clear that they've been growing pretty fast. I've watched and read their content and it's apparent that they want to expand their audience to include new types of content. They've made feature films, are working on children's content, and even have a shaving product subscription service.

    With so much of the content that has been coming from traditional outlets, it's more than a bit disappointing to see the woke push for nonsense. Though I wouldn't want to see the political landscape suddenly swing the the opposite extreme, it's clear that woke-ism is every bit as unhealthy. I'm glad that conservatives have a significant avenue for content that is either right-leaning or simply not woke.

  7. At least its good to know several animators werent absolute believers of these woke values and as alternatives emerges they immediately immigrate from sinking ship to brand new yacht.

    Myself not a fan of dailywire. I dont trust Ben sharpiro and despise his neocon tendency. But credit where credits due, they definitely are undeniable new faces rising whether others like it or not.

  8. DW+ is going to be like Netflix was in its early days of creating content when they would just find a creator they liked then be hands off. Their content started being bad when they got hands on and pushed the diversity messaging of the woke.

  9. Wasn't there an open letter to Disney from non-left leaning employees asking to stay apolitical and them speaking how they feel oppressed at work?

    People jumping ship like this shouldn't be surprising since Disney appears to have ignored that letter.

  10. It really isn't hard to find that the Dailywire has made movies, and is working on children's content.

    Their intentions are to have each part be separate from the other, Ben Shapiro isn't directing anything.

  11. What I think Kneon is missing is the fact that The Daily Wire's stated goal is specifically to be apolitical. It's not going to be right wing. It's not going o be any wing. It's about restoring media.

  12. I wouldn't trust it, sounds like they're already getting political maybe just more subtlety. The extreme right has been pushing this home school shit for a while now because they fear what's being taught in school. Some stuff also concerns me but I'm not stupid enough to egotistically think I have the level of knowledge that teachers have after specialized training. Some in different fields. The action actually needed is pressuring the schools to stop these damaging social programs that promote inequality despite what it claims and start looking at more reasonable solutions that work well. Here's a quick demonstration of a flawed system created in the social movements that has damaged learning. They built a school in my city where they thought they were being clever in building a school with no classroom walls. Some deluded inclusion bullshit no doubt. I talked to one of the teachers and they said yeah it's impossible for anyone to focus when you have no privacy between classes. This is obvious to most people, and a real bad decision but because nobody wants to say no to these people with bad opinions, the school got made, and it's the children who will suffer for it as well as the rest of society when they grow up and didn't have the skills taught to them because our idiot city councils made it impossible for them. *Slow clap.

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