Disney brings back Bob Iger. New boss same as the old boss.

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Is Bob Iger going to save Disney from himself?

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  1. It is hard for me to believe that anyone is incompetent enough to destroy an organization as large as Disney in only 2 years by himself. I believe you are spot on this debacle is entirely Iger's ship wreak, I kind of feel sorry for Chapek.

  2. Iger created the problems by spending the company into deep debt and hiring the woke idiots who have ruined Disney's content. Iger will only make things worse. Glad I sold all my Disney stock a while back.

  3. Spot on analysis of the situation at Disney. It will be interesting to see who is in the chair come mid-2024. Betting it will be someone without the first name Bob.

  4. The silver lining is that Iger won't be able to stop Disney's collapse.
    His arrogance is probably making him think that the problem is not the mess he planned and left behind him, but the guy who executed it, and he will double down this speeding the plunge of the company.
    Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is madness.

  5. Bob Iger was already there when Star Wars and the Mcu got ruined, people was already starting to call him out, and that's why he put Chapek there to take all the hits, he never left, he made aware from the beginning he was still the CEO behind the curtain

  6. Exactly. Iger is is the reason for their creative bankruptcy. Unlike many internet commenters, I don’t want Disney to die. I want them to be good again. That won’t happen with Iger.

  7. Modern American Corporate Culture: Fail upwards and get rewarded when a golden parachute when you do so. And the employees who actually work hard: fuck them, they get a pink slip, who cares if their children starve?

  8. I remember an interview with Chapek where the NBC guy asks him about the whole Wokery in shows and movies, and Chapek goes on about customer/cast interactions. Which is not something that happens outside of Social Media or The Parks. And it wasn't even the question put to him, but because he doesn't care about anything but the parks (Which are Disney's money maker, even as down as they are now) that's what he was still focused on, DESPITE being the CEO OF ALL OF DISNEY! He was never going to fix Disney or clean up Iger's messes.

    The Reimagine Tomorrow initiative, still there, has been for the two years. Dana Walden who once had an interview in which she said she did not green light good ABC pilots because they weren't diverse enough, still there. Karey Burke, of the Trans and Pan kids who declared boldly that she intends to 'gay up' all the children's programming, still there. Chapek had TWO years to FIRE these people and more, all he did was nail Peter Rice and that was because the board was looking to replace Chapek with him. He was as inept as Iger wanted him to be, and now the despot is back to continue his agenda. The rot is too deep.

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