Disney Execs POACHED by The Daily Wire!

It looks like The Daily Wire is poaching more Disney defectors. A few days after announcing that one of their showrunners was going to head up the DW animation division, another Disney exec has been hired by Ben Shapiro to head up marketing for their studio. This is getting interesting…

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  1. Daily wire is not far right. If you guys are not familiar with politics please dont comment on it. As much as i dont really like daily wire, they want to create non political cartoons which i can get on board with

  2. The sjw nutjobs label anything right of them as extremist/far right so you have to look for yourself because they have a political, financial, and ideological incentive to smear and destroy anything that goes against leftist agenda like normalizing pedophiles. Hell universities are already trying to rename them as minor-attracted persons and put them into the lgbt alphabet soup.

    At the end of the day if anything is labeled far right it is probably moderate to traditional conservative majority of the time.

  3. Your first video really wasn't encouraging to me as a DW subscriber. But I'm very glad you researched the subject a bit better. I really like your channel and I would love to see your product on DW+

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