Disney GETS WRECKED over DEPP and Pirates of the Caribbean?! EXPOSED AGAIN!


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  1. So they haven't learned anything from all the backlashing? I bet Walt is not only rolling over in his grave, he's wanting to get out of it and take a big-azz stick to the minds that keep doing all this
    So…I will predict this: If they REMOVE the Jack Sparrow figure from the ride, they will lose LOADS of people wanting to be on that particular ride.
    I'm even going to say IF 1,000 people ride that ride, they are doing it to see the Jack Sparrow character…not the other pirates. So if they removed the REAL attraction f the ride…the ride fails.
    And replacing Johnny with Margo Robbie? PUKE CITY. Seriously, I don't like her. Never did, so it's not just cos she's taking Johnny's place (BIG MISTAKE, but what do I know?) I've watched a couple movies she has been in (NOT Suicide Squad) and frankly…didn't really notice her. She made a minus impression on me, you know?

    Oh well…when the Virginia trial throws out all the proof that EVERYBODY was wrong and severely mistaken about Johnny…I'm gonna laugh my azz off.

    Thanks for the news, TUG.

  2. Cos we need more Pirates of the Caribbean anyway? Wish movie makers/producers/who ever calls the shots in the movie world would stop making films with a million sequels or film after film about the same character (I'm looking at you DC, Batman and Joker are soooooooooo over done by now). I guess there are no scripts out there with new characters.

  3. I don’t think that new POTC film is ever going to make it to production…if it does I’ll have no part in it just like I’ll have no desire to watch AM2, FB3 etc…

  4. Disney and Warner Bros. will never see another dime of my money. They all care more about virtue signaling than they do about their entertainment products. So be it I’ll spend my money elsewhere

  5. Disney’s going to have to just find a way to get Johnny Depp to return for Pirates 6 in a leading or supporting role. If they don’t do that, then what ever their next Pirates of the Caribbean films will be, will fail and flop and fall on their faces in the box office.

  6. JOHNNY DEPP IS PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. You just cannot have Pirates Of The Caribbean with out Johnny Depp.
    He's our Captain Jack, and no one else will do. NO JOHNNY DEPP. NO CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW. NO PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.
    That's means less money, less money, then eventually NO MONEY. and it will serve them damn right

  7. Since Johnny has spoken out about being required to "step down" due to allegations it is opening a lot of people's eyes. Allegations that have proven to be a lie and PROVED Johnny was the ACTUAL VICTIM. It wasn't right that Johnny wasn't even contacted to discuss what ACTUALLY happened. Even with evidence showing SHE was in the wrong so far she has NOT faced ANY repercussions for HER actions. Even with outraged fans petitioning AGAINST her; she was kept in the movie. Fans want Johnny back as he is an incredible actor, considerate, sweet, and is genuine. He will get justice and the people who tried to cancel him will not succeed. He will come back more successful than he was before. Johnny spoke out about how much money the movie industry has made off of his hard work. Now Disney is rethinking how they are using Johnny's image and likeness on shirts, rides, action figures, etc. If they remove JD from the Pirates ride people will be outraged. TRUTH is extremely powerful. Customers make the success of movies and one day the industry will understand that.

  8. I wonder what Johnny Depo would do for a million alpacas. That’s an odd currency choice. 😂 I love him, I don’t mind never getting another Pirates film, as long as he can find happiness.

  9. RIP Jack Sparrow then. Disney is horrible. I have deprived myself of awesome characters because of them.
    They think they can't be knocked down.
    I say look elsewhere for great cartoons and films.
    F Disney.

  10. Well you got me thinking what happened Johnny Depp on the character the Captain Jack Sparrow he was only the character Disney and no right to own the Captain Jack Sparrow

  11. The Story of Captain Jack Sparrow…

    Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain of the Black Pearl sought immortality. Captain Jack Sparrow contemplated stealing the role from Davvy Jones to become immortal. But sacrificed it to save a friend. Captain Jack Sparrow found the fountain of Youth. But used it to saved a loved one. Captain Jack Sparrow came to the realization that there are more ways to become immortal. And that is to become so legendary that no one would forget him. He’ll live on in our hearts and will never be replaced by a false Captain.

    -Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain of the Black Pearl

  12. My grandson is travelling to Florida with us in June. He's six and one of his biggest hopes is to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and see Jack Sparrow. He'll be so disappointed if Jack's not there. In fact, I don't think he'd bother going on it, it would be like a toy story ride with out Woody or Buzz.

  13. Pirates of the Caribbean ride was part of the park opening day in Disneyland. Pirates greeted customers and a pirate skit went on daily as long as Walt was alive. The characters within the ride were inspiration for the cartoon pirates in Peter Pan.
    It was a deliberate attempt to regain popularity in the pirates ride and other rides that was the initial source for the POTC movies, Haunted Mansion, Haunted Tower and multiple cartoon sequences of classic Disney cartoons in the ‘90’s’. JD is correct. He made them, and is still generating millions of dollars a year. And in this typical classic Disney Corporate decision, removing the most beloved pirate, JD’s creation of Jack Sparrow, is crass, insensitive, insincere, and eventually financially destructive.
    So be it.

  14. Funny how the ‘refurbishment’ is happening right at the same time the trial is due.. and not listed to reopen until after the trial… maybe after we get a verdict? And depending on that.. is what they will add or remove.

  15. Not beautiful enough. I would truly like some diversity lol. Yes, diversity with other movie makers who can produce without Disney WB's. I'm sick and tired of WB's, and Disney's version of diversity because their version is like a vengeance towards men. They have to water down and diminish men in order to prop their female heroines. It seems it is not fine, ir okay, let alone great, to be heterosexual these days. You must be diverse and get used to taking it up the ….

  16. Refurbishment? That’s gonna take at least until summer? How long is it going to take them to remove three jack sparrow animatronics? Oh they haven’t said that’s exactly what they’re doing but we all know the truth. I’m very sad about this whole thing because I spent several of my childhood years going on family trips to Disney. I even had my honeymoon in Disney World because my husband had never gone. And now that we have a grandson it makes me sad that we can never take him to Disney. From now on we’re gonna have to go to Universal exclusively.

  17. Not even for a million alpacas? Man… I know, trying to herd a million alpacas would kill me, but, if anyone made me an offer a peculiar as that, there's a real chance I'd say 'yes', just to see what happens next.

  18. I wasn't too worried about Pirates being refurbished in Disneyland as they do that quite often for mechanical upkeep, however, yesterday I saw that Walt Disney World had just filed for a construction permit for their Pirates ride and now I am very convinced that they are taking Jack out. Hope that I am wrong, but this really is not looking good. Was even more worried to see this video pop up today as I told myself last night that if TUG starts reporting on it then it probably is a possibility that they are taking him out. I was just at WDW three weeks ago and rode Pirates 3 times and I will admit that I did kind of said my good-byes to the Jack animatronic as you just don't know when it will be the last time that you see it. Again, hope that I am wrong.

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