DISNEY LOSES! Florida REMOVES Their Self-Governing Status Forcing Them To Pay MILLIONS In New Taxes!


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  1. Poor Jen, …“Florida won’t let us groom children anymore! Waaaaaaa!” -Jen Psaki

    How do you make a Ginger Snap?

    Pass a Parent’s Rights Bill!

  2. It's putting normalcy back into the state N the lib's are spewing soy from every orifice of their cut off body parts N piercings !
    Ron the man DeSantis !
    🤜💥🤛🏾👍 💪🏽✌🏻👍🏿
    Jen Nut Sacie fake crying about kids not being available for groomers to get them ready for the pedos !

  3. I would definitely vote for Ron DeSantis. for president of the United States. unless Donald Trump runs again. if Donald Trump runs for president United States. it would be awesome to have Ron DeSantis vice president.

  4. I live in panhandle of Florida and I work for the boating industry for a big charter fishing community and everyone from low man on totem pole to captains of charters all are 100% behind Ron Desantis. If you don't like the policies here then BYE, send me your address and I will come help you pack

  5. I lived within 3 hours of Disney world all but the last 26 years of my life and never once did we go. My children never wanted to go either. My kids are in their mid 30s now. Never liked the theme park.oved the old Disney movies though.

  6. I am so thankful every day that I live in the free state of Florida. God Bless DeSantis and his family. Psaki is so full of crap and such a hypocrite

  7. Disney should not only start paying property tax they should pay back property tax and that money should go to improving on all the property surrounding Disney. Ultimately Disney would see a return in the increased property value along will all the property owners around Disney.

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