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  1. The same people currently telling us that is Trump wins they will leave the country are those the people we are talking about?.
    Also why are they not asking China for that money?

  2. Go to Costco. You'll see the death of theaters right by the front door.

    Movies won't go away. Regular mainstream theaters are not going to survive.

    COVID might have given then an extra push, but theaters have been headed for a cliff for a while.

    Cheap, theater quality big screens and sound, and high speed Internet to every home, have made then obsolete. The inconvenience of going to a theater, not having a pause button or a nearby fridge, will not win out.

  3. This reminds me of the banking scandals when they intended to get saved by bailouts because of they bad gambling hab its just so that they can keep on gambling and cash in on they bonuses.
    This high class scum never learns and never feels real consequenzes the base for responsibility

  4. Only if Disney gives up leftism and the woke SJW bullshit, fire Kathleen Kennedy and purge the company of leftists, then you can have the money. And if you hire them back, you are in violation and you have to pay the government back.I mean if the American taxpayer is expected to bail you out, which is what your asking for, then we should get something for our money.

  5. The people that toiled in the parks and did all the actual hard work don't have jobs now. The cinema employees who labored in the movie theathers don't have jobs now. Yet Disney executives not only have jobs with exorbitant salaries, they actually have the audacity to give themselves bonuses – I guess to celebrate their heartless and stupid mismanagement of their company. And screw the theater industry without whom they would not even exist as a company. Absolutely disgusting.

  6. USA has over a century worth of entertainment and International shows as well. Hollywood can try kiss-assing the billionaires that already earning trillions this year alone. ?

  7. Bailout the theaters? maybe. The studios (they have called for it)? No. And truthfully it should be the studios bailing out the theaters (and releasing movies in them again) not us.

  8. If disney wanted to stay in business they would come out and support trump not the democrats. Its the California goverment thats screwing them over. You cant blame them for wanting to make money off of a movie that goes strait into their pockets rather than having to split it with the brittish goverment in taxes and with the theaters.

  9. Disney being removed as head of this monopoly would be the first best thing to change. Getting rid of every woke actor and movie that went out of their way to insult their own audience would be the next. If you can’t, then just replace all of it with more animation. Otherwise just trash all of Hollywood and setup new entertainment from scratch.
    We have reruns and we can improvise the rest. We don’t need Disney or Hollywood anymore! Let them both drop dead!

  10. Hollyweird are not asking us to bail them out, they are telling the govt to force us to bail them out. Their crappy movies are the reason they are in trouble, that is THEIR problem, not ours.
    They call us name. They make fun of us. They tell us what to like and what's for our own good.
    They made the decisions to destroy the history of Film with identity politics and sjw trash, they deserve to fail and if anyone in the govt knows what they have been doing, they'd tell them NO BAILOUT.
    Hollyweird has the money to keep THEIR theaters open if they fund it themselves, since they refuse to and would sit on billions between all of them as a whole, that's their own fault for being greedy while DEMANDING we pay them.

  11. What I think is funny about helping the theater is that we have people being evicted out of their homes due to the current situation, BUT, were going to spend money on theater and Hollywood; all I have to say is amazingly stupid!

  12. The state governments are keeping theaters closed so movies keep being pushed back or put on streaming. If theaters were open they wouldn't be failing. It is their own fault that the theaters are failing so they shouldn't be bailed out.

  13. They killed their own industry, and now want the taxpayer to bail them out. It's the Socialist Utopia; they create garbage propaganda movies that nobody wants to watch.. but it doesn't matter because the state pays the bills, not the audience.

  14. They NEVER think about the consequences of their actions these days do they? >.>;;
    Because they have lost faith in the Movie theatres in the USA, they will ruin cinema's for my continent and all the others where cinema's are getting back on their feet again and starting to get business again… But no~, because they did this. Other companies will start doing the same and soon the recovering cinema's will be struck down for good… >.>;;

  15. We already paid for it, in every theater, in every store, on every tv program. WE bought your houses, WE paid for your make up, WE kept your marriages together, I want my cut!