Disproving The “Most Political Crime is Right Wing” Narrative

If you don’t convict it doesn’t end up as a statistic.


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  1. What do they hope to accomplish in calling something as vague as right-wing as more violent? Is it a shaming tactic or a deranged justification for prejudice and hatred towards anyone deemed "right-wing"?

  2. Thank you.
    Leftist trash are always like
    sHoW uS yOur SoUrcE oTheRwIsE iM rIgHt
    aLt RigHt bAd
    I just had to make fun of them for acting this way.
    No reasoning with them

  3. If you can help share this video or livestream in the comments of big media Facebook pages share it into the echo chambers they are in to reach out and help someone that is on the edge

  4. The Lincoln project ad I just saw regarding confederate flag is OUT. FUCKING. RAGEOUS. mygawd…how ya call yerself LiNcOlN pRoJeCt and apparently have have no fucking sense of the larger picture of the civil war and demonize the south as conquered losers to be erased from history????

  5. I've literally never heard this. I used to be a little punk anarchist during the Bush administration. I've wisened up some. These useful idiots don't understand that they're the useful idiots. Their comrades will shoot them. I pity the brainwashed, but you better dial in your sights for close range, cuz these fanatics are swarmers. One at a time, any guy who's boxed once in his life could knock these fuckin pussies silly. They swarm like wasps, then run and cry when a few get blown away by an upstanding citizen.
    Real revolutionaries don't beg their oppressors for help after throwing bombs. These are domestic terrorists and should be swiftly and publicly cut down. Let them screech their incorrect ideals, that's their right.
    Insurrection and sedition should be harshly punished.

  6. Awh cmon guys…surely you remember all the alt right riots, marching and showing up on the lawns and private homes of elected officials that happened weekly during that black guy that we all hated for only his skin color! ….??…never happened??? Ya dont say.

  7. What the f*** is your point you claimed that all terrorism is right wing but that's a lie by omission if I f**** politicians and prosecutors refuse to prosecute left-wing in the f**** terrorism is left-wing simply because they are prosecuted doesn't mean they're right wing you f**** dumbass

  8. What about the guy that drove from Texas to Portland to ambush cops with a hammer? They are nationally organized. I have two friends that drove all the way to Seattle to be a part of Chaz right when Covid began… saying “It’s going down.”

  9. Honestly who is making this argument in 2020??? Excuse me but it hasnt been right wingers beating people on the streets for differing opinions and it wasnt right wingers who burned down 11% of the nation for over 100 days straight!

  10. There is also the definition of left and right. To the leftist everyone else is on the right- libertarians, Christians, conservatives, monarchists, everyone. Often Muslims are set aside because they are allies of convenience.
    So when a leftist defines someone as right it's pretty meaningless

  11. My woke sister makes the claim that political violence is as common from the right as it is from the left. She recognizing that denying left on right violence is just not possible anymore. So her take is to believe that the left on right violence is simply reactionary to the right's violence.
    So I asked her for concrete examples. She offered 4….
    1) The president tear gassing 'peaceful protesters' so he could do a photo shoot.
    I had no idea that police controlling a hostile crowd near the president is right on left political violence.
    2) A 17 year old fan of the president gunning down peaceful protesters in Wisconsin
    Yes, Kyle Rittenhouse went gunning for 'peaceful protesters' because of their politics. He wasn't assaulted. He wasn't chased and attacked. He just went out there with his AR-15 and started killing Biden voters. She knows this because she gets her news from 'credible sources'. Did she watch the videos? No, but the news reports make that unnecessary.
    3) Unarmed black men killed by police
    Well of course! God knows that must be right on left political violence. It only happens where Republicans are in charge, never where the left holds sway. NEVER! And the cops are always Republicans. And the victims were only killed because they were registered Democrats.
    And the most telling of all….
    4) 180,000 deaths from Covid-19! Now this one was a surprise more than the others. I had no idea the pandemic was so selective. I had no idea that Trump and his supporters are personally responsible for every single death connected (even slightly) to Covid-19. Every death in this pandemic is right on left political violence.
    That was her case. Such devastating evidence of right on left political violence. I was left completely speechless.

  12. It's similar to "Right Wing violence".
    The Left is kind of half-assed: Swinging bike locks and rioting.
    The Right seems more effective: Timothy McVeigh.
    Right Wing violence is usually lone wolf, but often more ambitious.

  13. Antifa is like the old Klan it is semi-organized some Klan types recognized a grand dragon other another…some were locals who just called themselves "The Klan", but they all had a united goal – just like Antifa.

  14. There has been a literal "war" on cops by the left for the past 6 decades. Completely absent from these "political violence" stats are the dozens of recent lethal unprovoked attacks on police officers by perps drunk on BLM victim propaganda.