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After a rapid acceleration in July 2021, the 0-44 age group saw a catastrophic 25% weekly excess death rate for approximately three months that “cannot be explained by suicides, overdoses, cancers, etc.”
FULL REPORT from Tamara Ugolini:

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  1. The greatest problem we face is getting the public to wake up, the MSM has successfully brainwashed them. The public through history has always behaved the same way, then what happens, they wear it!!!!!!

  2. So are the vaccines to blame? YES! 100%! I've said it from day one! Pureblood Forever! And of course big pharma is protected from being sued for killing people! Scared yet? Not of the Wuhan flu…..but what's coming for all the fully vaxxed and boosted sheeple!

  3. 2 years into the convid-1984 plandemic, still a pure blood and always will be! I reside in an area that has a older population and they are dropping like flies, many have been ill, and guess what they all share? And its not a running nose.

  4. Thanks for the report. Please update these stats every other week, Youtube cannot cancel you from reporting government statistics. You should report weekly on the total number of deaths in Canada for that week and compare it to the say week for the past 10 years. Do not discuss age groups of reasons. etc. Just report the death numbers for each week from government statistics and make the numbers your post. Viewers can reach there own conclusions !! Keep up the great work !!

  5. Don't sleep on it…this is a time to invest I recently just bought another property valued at over $10m. I wish I knew the right investment firm to invest with earlier, better late than never thought.

  6. If you still think about tinfoil hat stuff etc then look at the actual side affects of these drugs, drugs that are still on trial till 2023, they are not approved and are far from it, they have temporary status……

  7. Report says it can't be explained, no need to go to the long winded version. In the end it still can't be explained. Now a good reporter would dug deeper to find out why the cover up of the unexplainable deaths. But in typical liberal fashion, that can't be done for fear of being cut off by the government.

  8. US insurance coompanies said in 2021 there was 40% increase in "all cause deaths" in the working age group 18-64 yrs from 2020. Three US career military physicians found dramatic increase in certain medical conditions – 270% in myocardial infarction, 300% in Bells Palsy and other neurological complaints, 470% in Pulmonary emboliss, 300% in cancer, etc., stated in their affidavit. These increases were seen in 2021 compared to the 5-year average of 2016-2020. Reported by KUSI News on 2 Feb. 2022.

  9. The man speaking said their has to be more investigations on these deaths?
    I do not beleive anyone of these people investigating will tell the truth, it would go against the narrative and that's not going to happen. Even morticians will get paid not to tell the truth.

  10. Not sold on those numbers meaning much. Deaths were as high just prior to the vax and during lockdowns as shortly there after. What happened after October, 2021 too? The future is wide open and I do believe the vax shouldn't be taken by those under 44… but we need to know what has actually happened to make these conclusions after October, 2021. From what I saw, I didn't see that.

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