Disrupting 15 Minute Cities and other nonsense

Yet again, I have a few questions about what is happening in the world and wondering what happens if people are not happy about it.
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Written by Richard Vobes


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  1. I am gradually weening myself off supermarkets. I don't use the auto-checkouts with cameras above your face but when I go to one where those are near the staffed checkouts, I wear sunglasses and a hat.

  2. This is a good idea in part, the idea of having everything you need within a 15 minute walk is a great one. Schools, hospitals, police, shops, doctors, fire services , pubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, libraries, train stations, bus routes, parks , churches, sports facilities
    When I look back this was how it used to be before governments decided that local hospitals had to be closed, local police stations had to be closed, school choice was limited no more grammar schools, lots of local shops closed because the supermarkets were given planning permission to build further out but could sell everything making it hard for many small shops to compete. High rates and taxes plus increased taxes on alcohol and more legislation has forced many pubs and bars to close, libraries were often reduced to a mobile van
    So bringing back local shops and services and hospitals and local police presence would be a great benefit and help rebuild communities
    Add some grammar schools to the choice and so brighter kids have a local choice would be another plus
    This all should help reduce local traffic, no need to get in a car to drop the kids to school, get to a hospital, drive off to the supermarket etc,
    It should be done and it should reduce car usage, but it shouldn't mean that people should have to pay to move outside their local area if they want to or need to
    Governments and local authorities have been to blame for creating extra travelling needs by their ill considered planning so they should be addressing that aspect, not trying to charge people even more by charging people simply because they choose or need to travel outside of their local area

  3. You're not allowed to ask questions or complain, or your income, family, your assets and your access to food will be removed. Just remember Macron, Ardern and Trudeau have already tried that on their voters.

  4. What if everyone removed their reg numbers ……..that is what I call non compliance. ULEZ etc is extortion at the end off the day, we are not the criminals, they are ……..fact !!!


    Over the past several weeks Vobes has repeated the theory that the UK gov’t intends to implement a social credit system like that implemented by the Chinese. I challenge him to prove this theory with solid evidence!

    The clock is ticking, Richard!

  6. They can stuff their 15-min cities and digital currencies! The members of the WEF are evil and non-elected, who work against the people of this world. About time, we the people collectively say NO!

  7. Imagine a fictional world where small round RFID tags registered to each house had been added under the right lip of the bins so they could be weighed when tipping into the lorry. Those throwing away too much could pay more. A bad person could remove or swap such things, even re-code them. Heaven knows what nonsense such a person would get up to with small high-powered magnets in such a dystopian world.

  8. Why dont they give these digital IDs to serious criminal offenders like p do or convicted murders ect to protect citizens when they come out after doing time. They could also get people with no ID to have these digital IDs incase they do fall into these categories and vanish into the system with fake IDs. Why do they want everyone to have one? To give info that could be used against them by cyber criminals I wonder because if your no threat to society the benifit does not apply to having one?. Giving info to 3rd parties who could be hackers? Its not right unless they dont care you could have all you info out there and money hacked for some strange reason?. Wonder who would be doing the hacking.

  9. Trust your gut instinct s, these MPs hate British people,fill our hotels with foreign spongers. Raise your taxes, bills,food,heating and take the pish out of us ! These Draconian agendas will harm our freedom . They have much much more in store for European Christians ! Read about the genocides in last century , germany , Cambodia, balkans,Rwanda and you will see a Holocaust pattern with these ghettos,eat insects be happy horse dung !

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