Dissident Doctors gagged by AHPRA

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Like, subscribe and share, thank you. Doctors and nurses are still being gagged and deregistered around Australia by AHPRA. Today, small protests took place around Australia outside the AHPRA offices for the trial hearing of Dr. William Bay, a doctor in Queensland. This footage took place in Melbourne.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. While the CDC now publicly acknowledge that the shots do NOT stop 1nfection and $pread. AHPRA have deliberately and despicably intimidated and penalised Aussie doctors for seeking out and sharing truth with the public about the very real and documented risk of serious harm and death. Shame on the disgusting vermin at AHPRA who have cost Aussies their health and for too many even their lives! AHPRA will pay for the the grief and trauma and suffering they have caused…they WILL reap what they have sown…and some! Oh and YouTube…YOU will pay for censoring truth and for denying viewers access to vital information and for thereby contributing to the loss of life…you too are shameless vermin!

  2. YouTube SO loves to censor truth…that tells us they FEAR truth…and so they should. Just like AHPRA should FEAR the day truth catches up with them…they will reap all of the pain and suffering and trauma they have sown.

  3. Getting rid of the old, and bringing in the new. For all industries.
    The new will be little communist minions with no idea about anything other than how to be tyrants little helper.

  4. The AHPRA Position Statement 9th march 2021 is the most disgusting document ever served to health professionals removing informed consent to patients and threatening removal of practicing licences from health professionals for saying anything that "may increase vax hesitancy" not just loss of job but loss of practicing licence and colleges are encouraged to dob on each other or possibly lose their own licence to practice.

  5. All of these doctors will pay for giving the cup if tea to their patients and those patients children whilst not taking any themselves..
    It's only a matter of time..
    If I was a doctor I'd be looking at telling all now…and perhaps lessen 'your sentence'..

  6. Good to see, standing against tyranny. What happens next, when police try stop you from sending the message on to others. "Are you main stream media"? If you are that's okay because they twist the story to make the people out to be violent and ignorant.

  7. I applaud all of these beautiful people for speaking out against what is truly going on. The MSM are making a mockery of these passionate medical professionals. I make my opinions very well known to the complicit who discredit freedom of speech. Thanks again Sam. ❤️

  8. Time to start visiting AHPRA leaders houses to show our sentiments. Nothing like a few thousand protesters to make their life hell by exposing them for the pieces of shit they are, slaving for Pfizer.

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