Disturbing Biden Video Surfaces

Another unearthed video of Biden shows just how conservative he is. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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“A resurfaced 2006 interview by former Vice President Joe Biden may again put his views on abortion under scrutiny in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

An interview Biden gave ahead of his 2008 run — unearthed by CNN’s KFile on Thursday and later reported on by The New York Times — shows the current Democratic front-runner signaling support for Roe v. Wade but not full-blown support for abortion as a “choice and a right.”

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Written by The Damage Report


  1. Biden is right, the fact someone is having to go through an abortion is a tragedy. weather the couple didn't understand safe sex, lack of planned family or rape is involved. it shouldn't happen.
    that said a women still has the rights for abortion given a set time frame.

  2. I can’t stand Biden, but nothing he said here was bad. Abortion isn’t a lovely process and it’s a difficult choice for a woman to make. So, I’m not getting the outrage over him saying the same thing we all say when Republicans attack reproductive rights as if women do abortion for fun.

  3. The constitutional right is enshrined in the constitution, it's interpretation is clarified by the Roe v. Wade decision. Seriously, rulings are not laws, peeps.

  4. Joe Biden believes women should not have body autonomy like a man. Quit making excuses for his patriarchal stance… ownership of my crotch… and his patriarchal right to breath my body scent.
    Joey is a Republifuck.

  5. Literally support the young turks over any news outlet and also strongly dislike Biden…. Him saying abortion is a tragedy is spot on regardless yes it is a right and a choice if you chose to abort the baby it's a tragedy .

  6. I think this is a case where "tragedy" isn't what you want to hear but I agree with most of what he said. We should make birth control free and easy to obtain and try to make abortion rare.

  7. I don't have a problem with "safe, legal and rare." I think it's weird that TYT is making that a bad thing. Safe. LEGAL. Rare. None of those are bad.

  8. Sex Ed and easy availability of inexpensive birth control are the best ways to reduce the need for abortion. Two things that Republicans are staunchly against.

  9. One of my Catholic uncles and my mother's best friend Catholic had over seven children with their wives. My mother's friend had 13 children with her Catholic husband. They love having all those kids and then they ditch them. My Catholic Uncle dumped his seven kids and faithful wife for his secretary. I don't know who my mother's friend ran off with but he left behind 13 kids with no dad. So there's your argument for abortion Catholic man Angela's Ashes

  10. He spoke more coherently back then than he does today … still with a creepy voice and creepiness surrounding what he says.

  11. Abortion in the lesser or larger degree is escaping responsiblity. There's only one way to get pregnant, just like there's only one to get drunk. If an adult tries to get a little tipsy, but accidently gets drunk it would be crazy to say him or her isn't responsible for getting drunk. If a woman choices to have sex with the intentions of only getting pleasure out of it but gets pregnant, somehow she's not responsible for taking care of the life that she made if she doesn't want to. Thats called hypocrisy. Unless its for saving the life of the mother, doctors that take part in abortion go against the Hippocratic Oath also…"Do no harm". Viable or not a life always ends in result of an abortion.

  12. What the fuck is two guys doing talking about abortion it's the women body the can kill the baby if they want. I won't be shedding any tears when they miscarriage to them it's just a stupid bady with no writes, it's evil but it's there write

  13. Why is that disturbing??? It’s his opinion. Live and let live. Be more concerned about what certainly appears to be developing dementia with the election right around the corner