Diversity Inclusion and Equity Consulting Industry and Education.

Dean Billings joins me in conversation talking about the future of our children’s education.

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Dean Billings:

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  1. $54 million for Justin's ArrveCan app that a single guy recreated in 2 days? Whoa. Justin would pay this guy $27 million a day and not even flinch. (Justin's mom won the contract) $12 grand for a month's worth of groceries that dont include the 20 flights in 30 days he took? Com'on, the guy has not a concern for the taxpayer. NOT ONE.

  2. Buddy wants this "industry" to mature? He is out of his mind. We need less regulation in business and this crap is nothing more than another layer. It's bad enough that HR departments exist. These are mostly liberal feminists that have taken over these rolls bud. Add this nonsense and even more ding-a-lings shinning chair seats with their asses adding Zero value to the bottom line.

  3. The CBC: "Experts' say Trumps breaking the law and a racist closing the border.
    4 days later.
    Also the CBC'. Experts say Justin has legal authority to close the border during a pandemic.

  4. Great news everyone. The CCFR has just announced that New Brunswick has told Marco Mendicino and Trudeau to shove it. This is a total of five Provinces/Territories to all do the same. If you live in a province that hasn't stepped forward yet then I encourage you to email your premier on a daily basis. My email reads:

    Good morning Doug Ford,

    This is your daily reminder that Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory, and now New Brunswick have all told the federal government that they will not use provincial resources to help them confiscate the property of law abiding citizens. They all recognize that this is nothing more playing politics with law abiding Canadians, and will do nothing to make Canadians any more safe. Having said that, we the law abiding citizens of Ontario are wondering what your stance is on this matter? We are tired of being used as political pawns!

  5. The CBC 'expert" Claire Wardle suggest children think their parents are "stupid' to question the origin of the covid from unnamed Chinese city 2 months after outbreak.
    One year later. Head of the CIA cant confirm covid came from unnamed city simply because the Chinese gov scrubbed the evidence and refuses to cooperate. CBC is smarter?

  6. I work in HR for woke software companies and rejected every piece of DIE training they say is “mandatory” to take.

    My answer to DIE person… a human brain can hold only a certain amount of words. I chose to keep those words in the database. 😂

  7. Their criteria is the colour of their skin. No one questions their qualifications because that would be racist and schools and organizations are scared to death of the r word.

  8. Just more racism perpetuated by this government. They obviously didn't do a basic check on this loser they hired. And, of course, they all played the blame game when caught.

  9. If I call state actors – who exploits religious zealotry to systematically brutalize, murder, and steal the land from their neighbours – evil fascist thugs, am I an anti-Semite? Should a man not be prepared to say so despite the public’s ignorance and bias?

    I will leave it to Norman Finkelstein – the brave Jewish scholar to answer that question in the most definitive terms.

  10. Last night the notorious #Evin prison in Iran was set on fire by the evil Islamic government. Evin is usually full of intellectuals, journalists, politicians, activists and others that can actually run a country. Please be our voice.

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