Djokovic is doing the RIGHT thing in terms of his health (from Livestream #139)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #139 (originally streamed live on Aug 27, 2022):


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  1. Governments and anyone in or related to pharmaceutical industry all around the world need to be rounded up and stuck on an island together with no way off with one fork and one meal then watch as they eat each other until they are ALL gone. Then we can get on being human again to one another.

  2. I'm constantly amazed that in 2022, people are still airing their ignorance about vaccines. Vaccines don't prevent you from getting a disease. They prepare your body to fight it off. But in order for your body to fight it off, you actually have to catch it first. The huge, overwhelming benefit is that the chances of you having severe or life threatening consequences from catching said disease are vastly reduced. President Biden has caught covid twice, and had no adverse symptoms. Science wins. But sadly, there's no way to monetize this information, as opposed to making a podcast such as this. Seriously, you clowns are self serving shills.

  3. 1) Djokovic should be allowed to play.
    2) It seems clear from studies that while the vaccination doesn't prevent contraction, it makes the development of covid less severe.

    I have been a long-time follower of your podcast, but I have to say your anti-vaxx obsession is getting a bit tedious.

  4. that's interesting that the west see NDj as "brash" as you say. Completely different in the east. In the east they see him as a true sportsman, kind, polite, mature, gracious, empathetic, a really fair player. I have watched carefully and he swallows a lot of mistakes. Federer was immature and childish in comparison. He often didn't prepare for losing. Of course people are biased, they see what they want to see.

  5. Any title Nadal wins, where Djokovic was disallowed to play over this hysteria should have an asterisk next to it. Djokovic has won 4 out of his last 6 Majors where he participated. If he stays healthy, he'll still take the record.

  6. Set up a tournament to represent those countries who have blocked players from participating in another country. So The Australian Open and US open can be played in a free country on behalf of the Free thinking people. And give those elite’s the finger.

  7. also have you noticed that Russian and Belarus players in the US Open don't have their national designations next to their names. just so silly and ridiculous. tennis is so pc and woke.

  8. It's worth pointing out that Djokovic, my least sentimental favorite among the big three, is the most mentally tough tennis player I have ever seen. His mental toughness is downright frightening.

  9. Djoković does not have brash personality. That's media prop because they invested so much money promote Fed as a "gentleman", so they have to lies about Novak being the opposite of it

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