Djokovic Locked Out of MODERNA’S U.S. OPEN

Because of the U.S.A’s discriminatory vaccine mandates Djokovic has lost out on the ability to compete in the U.S. Open holding up the principles of bodily autonomy over another tennis title. Oh and the U.S. Open is sponsored by Moderna btw.

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. Did you see the video of the player who forfeited at the start of his match due to shortness of breath and dizziness? Stunning to watch with the “Moderna” logo on bottom right of screen – IRONY

  2. I was never a great fan of Djokovic but his stand on the stab juice earnt massive respect for his ability to put aside his own glory. It was good to see some iron left in the world instead of miry clay.

  3. So, this is one of those crazy right wing misinformation bullshit sites. Here are the facts. The USA has a good policy of requiring vaccines to enter USA. As a patriotic American, I fully support this police. The USA is a country that works hard to have one standard for all regardless of race, sex or even status. So, the USA cannot let an elite athlete enter and deny access to everyone else. So, the USA has made the correct decision. Finally, Djokovic can decide to remain unvaccinated. Personally, I think that it an idiotic stance on his part and is equivalent to not getting any other vaccine such as measles or polio which would be insane. But, if Djoko decides to remain unvaccinated, then he has to take the consequences which means he will not be able to travel everywhere. Final fact is Rand Paul is a total dumb ass and biased beyond belief. Rand Paul hasn't had an intelligent thought since his neighbor punched him out for being an asshole years ago.

  4. Moderna is indeed one of the principal official sponsors of the US Open. Along with Pfizer, you can bet that Moderna is behind the United State's policy of banning unvaccinated foreigners from entering the country. For legal reasons, they could not force the government to extend that policy to US citizens.

  5. Goodday Milk Bar,

    At least he had the balls to take on the clowns. They may of kicked him out of Australia but at least he can hold his head high & say he did it his way.


    Louis 👍

  6. Just think about the rest of them participating. Principled, obviously!
    What would it it take to stand up and decline to be a part of it?
    It would only be deferred. They are the cash cows there, they could
    refused to be milked this time. Not like they're starving. How good
    would that look if they did that?

  7. Got respect for this guy. Boooooo to all the tennis players for not protesting and excepting a trophy when they know damn well they most likely would have lost. This guys the winner in my book.

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