DNC Corruption Exposed by Bernie Sanders Representative!

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.


Written by The Jimmy Dore Show

THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Those stupid Bernie Bros..They got a taste of the medicine that they themselves administered to Yang…If you don't like it, leave! Damned stupid Bernie Bros…leave the demCons for good to never return!

  2. If you haven't figured out yet that the present day Democrat party is the most corrupt institution in the history of the USA, then you're in a very deep sleep or in a coma.

  3. The real fun part of election 2020 comes when the Trump campaign runs the Ukrain/Biden quid pro quo video 24/7. I'm thinking sometime in early October. I already bought my popcorn…

  4. Progressives will never change the Demon-cratic Party and so they must pull out All Support away from it .

    Only say Progressives will achieve their Agenda is to Start a 3rd Party and they will attract Democratic Voters to their New Party to become larger than the Corrupt Filled Party they leave.

  5. The republican establishment sucks Trump knew this and before taking on the dems he kicked out the rapacious oligarchs the democratic establishment sucks too Bernie too knew this but he was weak to kick out the oligarch and take on Trump..The people are the last thing the establishment has in mind. NO OFFENSE

  6. Been gone for awhile. I had to unsubscribe when Jimmy showed his delusional side by attacking all police instead of the tiny minority who deserved to be attacked. I'll dip my toe back in the water, but the second he demonizes all police, I'm out. We have enough delusion these days and I originally came to Jimmy's channel as an antidote to that problem.

  7. The premise that there is corruption within the DNC is accepted, however, how is it that the two only freethinking Presidential candidates, Gabbard and Sanders, withdrew their nominations, and gave their support to Biden? How and why do apparently sane and independent individuals, change colors readily?

  8. Thanks so much Jimmy…..Even the squad is NOT progressive…they are part of the corruption….they have no integrity….there is no reason to vote…..the justice democrats are also complicit

  9. You progressives may hate Trump but Trump said he would drain the swamp and boy as the water level drops the vipers have nowhere to hide. Sorry but the US will never go progressive because we are Americans and we love our country the way it is you are not so go find your own kind of country and move there you will be happier and you will live longer without the stress.
    I still like listening to you Jimmy and I am not a party member I am an American and that is the only identification I need.

  10. RNC exists because the DNC refuses to give americans what they want. It is not the Republicans who stamp out and obliterate any movements for a progressive govt for and by the people, that is done by the DNC. Babybush totally destroyed the republican party.. what revived and saved it was obama 8 years of doing nothing different than the republican party.. in effect making the dem party just as useless and disasterous as the republican party was. trump being the result.. (clintons corruption added to obama's fraud == president trump) Here is the cold hard truth. as long as the DNC wins elections.. the republican party will be alive and well as a fake choice.. and there will NEVER be a govt that represents the people. (other than the 1%). The DNC #1 plank.. is to allow no outsiders.. no one can upset the graft flooding in on the gravy train.

  11. It's hilarious how you progressives are shocked the democratic party wants big money. Their presidential nominee is one of the most corrupt. Vote for President Trump 2020

  12. Like I keep saying. We vote Trump out for all his and the GOP BS this past four years, then, come 2024 if thing's haven't changed, and I mean seriously changed, for the majority of voters, we can vote the DMC out and try again… Try, try, try again.

  13. Correction: You get a corporate lobbyist to speak out against anti-corruption amendment so no party member has to do it and then be shamed in public later. Imagine Joe X speaks against the amendment and later people expose him by going through his corporate political donations.This is a strategy of large business to use consultants to drive sensitive issues and wear the heat.
    It is no accident.
    Brent Welder is like the circus janitor. He hates dealing in sh*t but will never give it up because that would mean leaving show business. Remember, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I think JD told Brett they fooled him more than twice. But he is not listening.

  14. Jimmy, what is your suggestion then? Third party has never managed to get a foothold. We got to takeover the party by educating the masses

  15. The Democratic party is controlled and staffed by the Illuminati financed by the Rothschilds if you want to see the information on this there's a YouTube video called Illuminati exposed and you'll see how they took over the Democratic party ages ago and that's what they're using to create the One World Government they've infiltrated our entire government top-to-bottom starting in 1913 or a little sooner

  16. I'm backing the People's Party. We will rise and overcome the control that the oligarchs have over our government, our economy, and our very lives. PEOPLE'S PARTY!

  17. i still haven't figured out why the progressives in the dnc have not broken off and formed their own party . the political climate is begging for it in the form of the vast majority of the U.S.

  18. Bernie Bros!!! You just got CHEATED 2 elections IN A ROW by your Party.
    Do you think that MAYBE you should just create a NEW PARTY or TAKE OVER the Green Party?
    There are MORE of you than the Green's. And it isn't like you aren't similar enough anyway.

    Bernie Bros!!! You have GOALS and a MESSAGE.
    And you have got to KNOW by know the Democrat Party is just about CORRUPTION.
    If you DON"T KNOW IT do the research. Start at Tammany Hall… ALWAYS CORRUPT.

    Take over the Green's. Kick the DNC in the JUNK on your way out.
    Then steal their Voters among the young especially. Be the Environmental Socialist Party.

  19. Bernie Bros… STOP BEING SUCKERS. You have a MOVEMENT with thing you WANT.
    The rest of the Democrat Voters (that have not already ABANDONED YOU for TRUMP which are the Center/Right of your Party) are Mental Slaves who believe in NOTHING.
    They just do whatever the Democrats tell them to do. If Democrats say RIOT they Riot. If Democrats say Vote the Vote (unless they have something better to do that day because they are DUMB as hell).
    George Carlin used to say… "You know how DUMB the Average Person is, right? Then you need to realize that 1/2 of them are dumber than that."
    You cannot wrestle away the POWER the name Democrat has to wield the DUMB Vote from the Leadership which USES THEM and also USES YOU as their Sheeple. The don't care what you say or think past giving a little Lip Service every now and then. A Pat on the head and maybe a Reach Around while the POUND YOU without Mercy.

    You have GOT to leave the Democrats to get what you want.
    BUT in THIS ELECTION if you want to move the Ball moving on HEALTHCARE You need a REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE. TRUMP wants to DO SOMETHING but because Pelosi RUNS the House and she DOES NOT want to do anything AT ALL the only way to get something going is a Republican Majority in the House.
    Biden is NOT going to do anything. Pelosi isn't gong to do anything. Hear me out.
    You need Trump and a Republican House… A Democrat Senate would be OK for this to work. So you can stay LOYAL in the Senate. But you need to LOSE to Trump and you need to shed as many Establishment Dems as you can… you can keep the Bernie Bro House Dems MAYBE and this would work.
    If you will even just BARELY LOSE the HOUSE for 2 years you could get something done PRO-Healthcare and Vote OUT the Republican 2 years later.
    BUT if it isn't enough House Members swapped out you have to SandBag your side AGAIN so it can get done in Trumps last 2 years. Better to get it DONE NOW if you can.

  20. This guy, honestly. If nobody votes DNC, noone donates to them, and then the corruption ceases. You don't solve it by voting them in and trying to change it from within

  21. Jimmy Dore for president – i am neither a liberal nor a progressive but he asks the right questions and chases all of the important issues into the dark corners with a 10,000 lumen flashlight

  22. #$600OrWAR ! give us our fvcking money! “every society is just 3 meals away from revolution” March on Washington! surround senators homes 24/7

    "the french aristocracy didn't see it coming either!" they have unlimited money for wallstreet and the banksters and wars but only crumbs for us ? time to rise up! DEATH TO TYRANTS ! protest with GUNS

    so what do you think is gonna happen when 50 million people start to get evicted ? you think they just gonna lay down and die?? lol they are going to burn Washington to the fvcking ground !!!

  23. Jimmy Dore: Brett, why do you still support this Party that you knew was going to rule against your anti-corporate PAC money legislation?

    Brett Welder: The people, the people, the people. It’s about the people.

    I think Brett Welder said “people” a record 1,737,662 times in an interview. It felt like 25 mins of Jimmy asking the same question and Brett giving the same response.