DNC Takes Over Counting Remaining Iowa Votes

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  1. Does anyone sane and in their right mind think BUTTGIG actually has more voters than Bernie?The man stands for shit, he has no record of being a fighter for anything,is a deceitful turd,and he has no policies to speak of and the idea that he would be the front runner is absolutely NUTS and rigged somehow.

  2. Who cares, Bernie too big of a pussy to do anything about the corruption so who fucking cares? Why vote for such a weak ass candidate who jumped on the Clinton train 4 years ago, is anyone shocked, are you not entertained?

  3. I wonder why the founding fathers did not explicitely write down, that no private company, individual or organization, must be responsible for or participate in the counting process..
    This is more than disappointing and naive and a bad job.. We should write it down now, so a manipulation should be harder..
    I feel like I should become a patreon of this show and/ or a premium member..will do it until tomorrow I think

  4. How could anyone be relieved that the DNC is taking over the vote counting? They themselves claim they aren't maliciously cheating Bernie they're just incompetent. Oh OK it's fine to have incompetent people do the counting that makes sense I guess.

  5. Is there a reason we dont have a committee comprised of independents that can oversee the cesspools at primary election sites? Why the hell would they allow the DNC who with the media has been defaming the character of both Sanders and Gabbard to count primary election votes?

  6. Dude. We need to get out in the streets and rage about this. I’m ready for revolution French style. It won’t happen though, at least not in time to save this country. Bernie is really our last chance and they just aren’t going to let him win the nomination. I really hope I’m wrong, though. We really all need to get out and vote for him. Don’t let this discourage you. It will be harder for them to ignore a landslide. This is our last chance. Blue no matter who is the same as voting for Trump. These candidates aren’t even viable except for Bernie in the primary.

  7. Here in Australia, we don’t have this at all. Any change of leadership happens inside the “party room” . The party decides who they want as a leader, and you have the choice to vote for them or not. It’s remarkably similar to your system, except the party hierarchy decides who will lead, and then you go through months of pantomime, as they pretend to select a leader. And it’s all for nothing.

  8. I've been to two caucuses in my 50 years, and I know that state delegates don't determine who wins. But Wolf says they do, even though he has been covering primaries since I was a kid. So, which is it: Does he know better, or is he unfathomably stupid? Clearly, we are, because we keep coming to the circus.

  9. "They're cheating right out in the open now" – Jimmy Dore and basically everyone paying attention
    Mainstream Media – You dang conspiracy theorists won't shut up these days

  10. Berbie and his supporters are dping the right thing, styaying clam, appearing, as we are,m professional and statesmanlike which will bold well p[ucking up more votes around the country, but erally theDNC should eb giving back to Bernie all the delegates taken away from him to gice to other candates, while we stay calm about it.

  11. James Woods



    Feb 7

    Poor Bernie. They aren’t going to let this poor old fool win no matter what he does. He sold his soul to Hillary for a crappy house on a lake in 2016, and the devil will take her due. They will never let you have it, Bernie. The fix is in.

  12. In comparison, all those bloody autocrates, theocrates and warlords all over the world cheat more delicately and sensitively. By far.
    Ain't it hilarious just how unabashedly those "democrates" sh*t on democracy?

  13. The corporate cronies run both parties and they have chosen tax break Trump, the DNC is just facilitating thier decision, why undermine your best chance at beating Trump? Why back the lousiest person running? , it happens every year , both parties run a lame duck against a power house. Hillary only looked like powerhouse because of the media and only after they dumped Bernie did she win the popular votes , largely thanks to Trump.
    Trump was either chosen from the beginning or an easy mark to control, his win came largely thanks to a single electorate and Hillary, who nearly exposed her own screw ups. Someone please explain to me how the two most hated people in America became America's choices.

  14. in my high school we had letters and then numbers so you might have a C but because you put a lot of effort into the project it was a 5 but that would be rare it would be usually A5 or B5 because the grade tended to show you put a lot of effort into it

    usually it was a C3 sometimes you could get a B3 or A3 like you got an A because all of the answers were right but you could have done it a lot faster

    i gave myself a failing grade once and it became an A because i cant read with noise and i never cared about my grades that was a fun day

  15. i need to get into the premium stuff again i hope the tech can figure out how to let me log back in

    it was to painful before to be in the premium content but that text message helped