DNC Threatens To Fire Unvaxxed Employees, Flip The Script On People Who Supported Authoritarianism

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski and editor Chris Karr to ridicule the DNC’s choice to demand employees be vaccinated or face firing.

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. Trump said "I would recommend you get the vaccine" which is a wonderful thing for him to say hell I would recommend someone get the vaccine if they were 50 or older. That's a long ways off from mandating the vaccine. If they cared about covid, the owners of these corporations would have their employees either get the vaccine or pass a covid test to enter their property.

  2. To think Trump would’ve been the same in a second term seems a little silly. If he went against Fauci before the election the media would’ve beat him over the head with that nonstop.

  3. I agree, the fact that we are entertaining natural immunity as an exemption almost gives more strength to the argument that those without natural immunity should be required to get vaccinated. Whether you have natural immunity or not should not determine whether or not you are forced to take the vaccine.

  4. All this bashing on Ian ai no. People, he does say things from time to time that are so totally out to left field. But he counters it with common sensical material a majority of the time. From a true "left leaning" perspective no less. Which doesnt mean shit nowadays. But i digress, it is an unique dynamic he provides. Albeit other than the total nonsense he spews occasionally

  5. It's easy to be an armchair quarterback about Trump firing people but you have to admit he did fire a hell of a lot of people that needed it and those he did fire he caught so much s*** for it it wasn't even funny hell they tried to block him from firing all kinds of stuff just imagine if he had a fired more it would have been total chaos he did a hell of a great job and I mean it and you're damn right if this stuff about fauci came out while Trump was in office you're damn right he had fired the s*** out of him he'd have fired him so fast and made your head spin and you know it meanwhile Biden has the c******* still around are you kidding me this guy's actually criminal for saying he didn't know anything about gain of function research that's an out now why and we all freaking know it and then he lied in Congress straight to Rand Paul's face and denigrated Paul at the exact same time are you kidding me

  6. Look Trump did an outstanding job getting the vaccine out. End of discussion. No one else could have done it and we all know it no one so you can say it was good or it was bad or whatever but imagine where we would be if there was no vaccine and there you have it

  7. Trump was in a very difficult situation. Going against Faucci & Dem states would have been political self termination. Media slaughter fest. They'd have railed him out. He could have had 100% employment markets thru roof GDP off the charts. He'd have been ousted.

  8. Smallpox had 60% infection rate.
    A 30% mortality of healthy ppl. Covid is less than 1% on both counts. Dangerous? Maybe if you're 1/2 ended already. Immuno deficient, morbid obesce, or very elderly.

  9. Ian: "If Trump would have won, we'd be in the same situation."

    WHAT THE ACTUAL FAWK!? Trump has always said it would have been our choice. I believe there would NOT be such mandates as there is today, since Trump was pro-choice, which would NOT render us in the same situation.

    I am not one to constantly scream, "SHUDDUP IAN," But Jesus fawking christ Ian does NOT think before speaking and sounds like an IDIOT.

  10. Trump had two major gaps in knowledge the resulted in his making lots of bad decisions and stupid statements. These were macro economics and biological science. He refused to listen to some pretty smart guys about out of control government spending and he continued to spend at and above the Obama presidency. When it came to COVID19 all of his press conferences were superficial and frankly, inane. I would still rather have him as President than 99.999 percent of the politicians I know of but Trump supporters need to ditch the messiah talk, the Obama supporters were also guilty of.

  11. People who don’t recognize authoritarianism but benefit by it have a sudden realization when they are the victims of that same authoritarianism. Welcome to Germany, 1939.

  12. It's not hard. Make your own choice. If you want the vax, get it. If you know you have antibodies and are willing to rely on your own immunity, go for it. Literally no other option should be talked about as it only serves to tamp down on freedom.

  13. For heavens sake, the number of extra dead people compared to normal flu years is small. Some years more people die of the flu. Ok, a few more have died and almost all +75 years. Make 2 graphs for 50 years in one picture.

    1. Number of deaths each year per 1 million citizens.
    2. Number of people who died of the flu per 1 million citizens.

    You'll see a small increase the last 2 years but it is tiny, tiny. Besides, the number of deaths OF covid is exaggerated since it is deaths WITH covid.

    Make the same graph for different ages, for example 0-25, 25-50, 50-65, 65-75, 75-85, 85+.

    This is NOT a catastroph and people are brainwashed.

  14. I think that if Trump went the madate way, he would have lost lots of support. Maybe keeping vote from people disgusted at DNC, but I do feel that many people wouldn't have supported him. Just the fact that he push the vaccine in a non obligation but highly recommended, many people asked question and begin to be more suspicous of him.

  15. If it wasn’t for Trump getting the vax out quickly, the Dems would have loved to keep us locked down for years. You think inflation and the economy is bad now? It would have been decimated if it would have taken longer. It also gave ppl an excuse not to take it bc it was EAU and not fully approved

  16. They haven’t even isolated the covid virus strain in the lab…. It’s not possible for them to create a normal vax with this situation if they have no weakened virus with which to make it

  17. Trump has always recommended people get the vax based on their own free will and has always stood against federally mandating it. Ian still has some TDS apparently and Tim likes to play both sides. Also, what an utter disrespect that Tim thinks most Trump voters would support a vax mandate if Trump did. Trump gets booed at his own rallies when he recommends taking the vaccines.

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