Do ALL Ukrainians Have Swastika Tattoos?

One of the surprisingly tropes to come out of the Ukraine War is the recurring instance of photographs running in international media outlets showing Ukrainian soldiers and everyday citizens who just happen to have tattoos depicting Nazi imagery. Most recently a Reuters story about fighting on the outskirts of Kharkiv included a photo of “local resident” who, upon closer inspection, had a swastika tattoo on his upper arm.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the unusual preponderance of Nazi tattoos on so many Ukrainians depicted in western media.

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  1. How sad that you cannot be inclusive enough to hug a Nazi!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! ShitLibs and Mainstream Medis just don't get the kind of people we are supporting! People on Facebook with Pukie Ukie flags might as well put up a swastika and be done with it!!!!!

  2. Nazism and fascism is still present among many european people especially in the East (Baltic states) and Balkan countries (Croatia- huge population ustashas sympathizers, Greece- nazi party represented with many parliamentarians, and the rest of the greeks not being far, still cherishing all their fascist ideas, Bulgarians-majority still with bulgarian fascist ideas and beliefs, and top off all Albanians- completely all populations sympathizers of albanian balists fascists). And guess who US supports? All numbered, albanians the most.

  3. I wish everyone would stop saying "Neo Nazi" these people are the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of supporters of Adolf Hitler, there is NOTHING Neo about them. While in college I worked at a MAJOR Chicago bank part time and my desk mate was an older Ukrainian guy who PROUDLY told me that in WWII he was a lieutenant in the SS and served as a "Camp" guard!!!!

  4. i know what you mean, i saw some people with those tattoo down in texas, i think russia should invade and denazify that place next, since we seem so incapable of doing it ourselves. and did you know thailand is currently experiencing a surge in popularity of nazi ideology? a school even had a nazi-themed parade, with all the kids dressed in nazi uniforms and the red white and black flags everywhere.

  5. I could be wrong but that tattoo doesnt look like a swastika….. i mean it looks like a chiesal hammer to me….is this not just seeing nazi symbols everywhere in the height of things…..ive tried to make out a swastika and im just not seeing it….

    Who ever this guy is, is being painted as a nazi because of, of his tattoo….and we can barely see the thing….

    Maybe its a shit drawn swastika, but can barely see anything from that pic a blurry one at that when zoomed….

  6. So in Ukraine, plenty of Javelin but no batteries. Was that by design? US Military promises to send 4 thousand batteries. Ukraine forces are using motorcycle batteries that have been repurposed for firing the Javelins.
    Hard to believe the US did not get this right the first time.

  7. This segment is truely embarassing and fits better on FOX news than anywhere else. A foto of some guy with a swastica searching a van is proof for what exactly? Nothing? Dore is turning into Gutfeld with lightning speed.

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