“Do Julian Assange’s children know that he’s in prison?”

“How have you protected Gabriel and Max from the realities of Julian’s predicament? Do they know that he is in prison?”
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– An excerpt from our interview with Stella Assange (wife of Julian Assange) on the 1st of July in London.

It was a very intense and inspiring experience to interview Stella. She is incredibly strong, passionate and optimistic in the face of such significant adversity!

I’m trying to do my small bit to help Julian Assange, the journalist and publisher who’s been in prison for more than three years because he revealed war crimes and corruption. I’m making a film with the aim to inform millions of people of Julians’ plight as well as the grave wider implications that effect all of us – the big threats to free speech, press freedom and freedom of information that this case and these events represent.

If you’re reading this, and you support this cause and understand the wider implications of this situation, I’d like to ask for your help. I want to finish this film off as soon as possible so that it can become an educational and advocacy tool.

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Many thanks! 🙂

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  1. He should have statues of him all throughout Australia. Instead, our government and media actively ignores his plight. But he is a true inspiration for us lowly plebs… "we" cannot torture him any longer… i think the next couple of months (as world economies collapse) will be very interesting indeed, and could affect when Julian gets his rightful freedom.

  2. What is happening to Julian Assange & his family is criminal in the most evil, blatantly revealing ways. It shows the true filth & corruption of those we “elected” & how they really operate. It shows exactly what we must fight, for his innocent life & family & our future.

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