Do Not Dismiss Russia

Dave Smith and Scott Horton bring you the latest in politics!
This episode Was Recorded On 9.23.22

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Dave Smith is a New York based stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator. Dave can be seen regularly on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Red Eye” on Fox News, as well as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. In 2013 Dave was featured as one of the New Faces at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He was also a featured performer on the New York Comedy Festival’s “New York’s Funniest” showcase in 2014 and 2015. Dave’s outlet for his social commentary is his podcast, “Part of the Problem,” which is available on iTunes. Dave is also co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast, available on the GaS Digital Network.
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Written by Dave Smith


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  1. I hope the coming economic collapse of the US happens more sooner than later. Apart from changing US President in the next election this seems to be the few exit ramps to ending World War 3

  2. Jesus…
    First of all, the only country that would get nuked is Ukraine so you're safe. Even then, you really think China would allow RU to use nukes? That would lead to proliferation of nuclear weapons in their region and that is the worst thing that could happen to them. They will not allow it. Also, no one wants american soldiers to go to war. Your support with logistics, intelligence and wargear is all that UA needs and is well appreciated. Stop spreading fear about Putin. He's clearly desperate and trying to salvage his image.

  3. The analogy is Cuba 1962, only it's the US in Ukraine. If the US doesn't back down, Russia will escalate. The Soviets backed down in 1962. Will the US back down in 2022? Biden is a milkshake and the deep state is in control. The Republicans are spineless cronies and the Democrats are the new neocons. I don't see any cooler heads to decide. They passed up on the potential negotiated solution in April. Now the dice will decide.

  4. Scott is absolutely amazing on the Middle East…probably the best source in media. Vast knowledge. However, his Russian – Ukraine history and nuclear war stances are questionable thus far. I appreciate the hell out of him and will continue to support him by buying his books and donations to his website.

  5. Israel is never part of the equation. I wonder why? Maybe London should be the first Target, being that we are talking about aggression. Essentially towards Germany.

  6. I was a victim of a zero tolerance knife policy in 11th grade. The principle knew I wasn’t a danger. I’m order to cover their ass, I spent a week in county jail and got a year probation. Expelled from my 2nd semester of Jr. year and had to make it up in the fall following the semester I was supposed to graduate. Bureaucracy.

  7. The Britain ‘appeasement’ myth perpetuates. They were buying time to ramp up equipment (Spitfire & Hurricane) production. They were completely unable to wage war until Churchill was appointed to take over.

  8. Something never articulated to the public, if you look at Putin’s actions over the past decades, he’s trying to insulate Russia from future ground attack through 11 different vulnerable paths. 2 of those path’s are being blocked by now NATO border countries we snatched up while Russia was in shambles after the USSR fell. Military planners know that if we don’t REALLY set back Russia’s war-making capabilities now as their fighting age male population has reached its peak for the next 50 years, then nuclear war is on the horizon in the two Baltic NATO states bordering Russia if we don’t find this war . If they would articulate this to the American people, there’d be some understanding amongst thinking individuals. But they’d have to answer for why the US broke its promise at the fall of the USSR and in fact DID creep eastward toward Russia in our NATO alliances. The US political class and the petroleum industry are lying thieves who can’t be trusted domestically or internationally. If we were Putin, we’d have done EXACTLY what Putin has done only MUCH worse. People need to wake up to the criminals running OUR country. Anyone heard from the Jan. 6th political prisoners lately, still in solitary confinement for TRESPASSING?!? What about that nervous black cop who shot an AF vet in the neck when she was of no threat to this officer. I watched that whole segment. The people were RIGHT to be ANGRY. EVERYONE knows the election was beyond corrupt, against the state and Federal constitutions and SCOTUS was wrong to rule against the TX led lawsuits based upon ‘standing’. That ruling did irreparable damaged to the nation for years to come.

  9. I 100% get what Scott is saying but I think he could get more people to listen if he starts with and repeats "why can't both sides be wrong." In a hypersensitized world, where just asking why the status quo is the status quo, can get you ousted from politely society, you can't win allies with worse case scenarios.

    Those that have listened to Scott know he thinks war is bad. Which means, regardless of Putin's warnings and NATO's actions, he has to agree that invading Ukraine has no excuses. Even if Ukraine became part of NATO and Ukrainian nationals bombed a building in Moscow, Scott would have to argue that it is not an excuse to invade Ukraine and kill more innocent people.

    It might not seem fair but Scott would reach more people if he said Putin's invasion is terrible at the beginning of every point he makes. There will be some that will still say he sounds like Putin's lapdog but those are the people that he would never reach anyway and they just make themselves look stupid to those that are looking to agree with the side of the argument that is most rational.

  10. Easy for Dave to take a neutral stance between russia and usa. Imagine living in Poland or Estonia with the threat of Russia on your borders. If Americans like Dave lived in Eastern Europe they would understand the difference between the USA and Russia.

  11. This war is almost over. Russia has the area they wanted to protect from the Nazi's in Ukriane. There will be a battle line for some time until the US is done wasting money in the war. There will be no US troops in the area. The April agreement and MInsk agreement will come back and the disputed area will part of Russia just like Crimea.

  12. Scott is not factoring in the BLM/suicide factor. This has zero strategic value to US, and just more Biden suicide. He scuttled a peace deal in April. Then we take all the regime change wars in the last 30 years and add another level of suicide. Dems amplified the riots, embraced BLM, then the suicidal shutdowns, masks, and "vax" mandates. Suicidal climate policy. So take the past regime change wars and add krystallnacht (BLM riots), Reichstag fire (Jan 6), 2 minutes of hate (Trump Derangement syndrome) and now we have endless war. Pure 1984. But this is suicidal. The upside is that the aliens will likely stop a nuclear war. But maybe not, since Africa wil survive. They intervene as little as possible.

  13. What's happening right now is the US President is a hapless victim of elder abuse. Where are the doctors nationwide ? Why aren't they signing grand declarations on the obvious nature of Bidens cognitive decline?

  14. Appeasement did fail. If russia and China had not been brought into the wto and flooded with fdi we wouldn't be in this predicament right now. China would still be a 3rd world country and Russia would resemble ukraine pre invasion. Lots of soviet Era equipment without the capital or infrastructure to produce modern arms at volume.

  15. This is the only channel that I have found that has truth and honest conversation about American Russian relations: all others are like MSM propaganda (Russia Bad always every time). Timcast 9-30-2022 episode was like listen to CNN contributors, all that the guest and crew had to offer was 180 degrees wrong on Russia. They all sounded like they were repeating what they heard in elementary school.

  16. These are the same guys that beat Napoleon and marched on Paris. They whooped Hitler and took Berlin. Russia is still Russia, no matter what cnn or sky news says, and the first law of war is you don't got to war with Russia.

  17. Biden is a literal idiot! People will absolutely revolt if they try to send our family members to another one of there wars! People might have been tricked last time but what American would die for Nazis to win

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