Do Not Forget. Do Not Forgive.

Don’t do it.




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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. These people that shunned, shamed, bullied, and tormented will not be forgiven. If I had my way, we'd be rounding these people up and putting them in "re-education" camps.
    These people would turn on us again in a heartbeat. They can never be trusted again.

  2. Now take that logic and apply it to Conservatives who say "you can't have an abortion when you find out your fetus will be born a vegetable because the Governor's sky Lord said so".

  3. I kept a Facebook page up to keep tabs on my many "friends" screech about the coof and the shots and the masks and lockdowns and the threatening of livelihoods if they didn't get their way
    They may have wiped their social media of records but the internet is forever
    And if I ever do business with them or consider them for employment or find out they are running for public office, you can bet I'll be standing there with screenshots of their insanity to spoil their little party, just like they ruined so many other lives

    I'm not forgiving

    I'm not forgetting

    I'm getting even

  4. Being able to claim pure blood status is all I need. Now to sit back and watch the long-term studies playout on the lab rats that willingly signed up for the experiment. It will be interesting to see if the boosters end them faster or slower developing other diseases that big pharma can then treat for a fee of course.

  5. I'm not even going to forgive my parents, who are both 80+. They took it to beyond insane extremes, and when I tried to explain to them how it was hurting me, my sister, and tons of other people's livelihoods to not bend a little bit, I got shunned and told how it was because of selfish people like me that we couldn't go back to normal.

  6. Never forgive, never forget. Never trust them. Never respect them. Fight them all day, every day, with all your faculties and energies, from now until you breath your last. Mock them, shame them, refuse to concede any moral high ground. Never vote for them again, never trust them wit power. Go out of your way to defy and resist them. Treat them as if they would kill you and your loved ones if given the chance, because they've clearly shown they will. Accept no compromise, no middle ground, and most importantly, no retreat. The battle lines have been drawn, and you will have to choose which side you will be fighting for.

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