Do These People Actually Want WW3?

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  1. If it means less useless eaters ?
    Shocked that Putin has been stonewalled to the point of asking congressional,help? The Russian do have boat parties? I think they are called junkets?
    Dirty bomb/ cry for help? Rolling that finger all over his scarlet button?
    Someday future Ukraine army keep all Europe peace gg.

  2. Having a letter encouraging diplomacy goes against the notion of ideological unity & denial of reality that the Democrats have been shoveling since Oblama. The Dems are caught between their hard-core ideological-ized entities/people and the wants of the constituencies they supposedly represent, wants that no longer reflect anything to do with The Message. This is why the MSM and politicrats are STILL trying to shovel the crap of "booming economy", "abortion", and "equity" going into the midterms rather than crime, immigration, taxes, inflation, cost of living, etc., etc. that people surveyed really care about. Of course they have to withdraw it.

  3. Ukraine was used by American politicians to launder and steel money from the tax payers. There is possibly allot of damaging evidence that would disappear if Ukraine falls

  4. The sad thing is it is perfectly rational, if you assume that they are trying to remove the human race for their alien master race. I never thought I would have to resort to evil aliens to make sense of our leaders policies. This November lets make Alex Jones fiction again.

  5. Living next to Russia myself I gotta say you people are clueless what Russia is. If you people knew any better you would know you can not negotiate with Russia. They don't long for peace. They long for bigger Russia, by any means necessary. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. With your attitude Russia will be at your borders one day and then you will know.

  6. I sincrely doubt anyone of the 'cult' considers premises behind Malpusan (sp. intended) findings valid. To replace feedback-driven IFS model of population growth (with different parameters along various taxonomic units) with geometric/arithmetic series model is not just reductionism they excell at, it's an apex of crudeness. On the other hand it's right up their reductionist alley to conflate steady flow of cellular-level nutrients (cf. telomere-related research) with unlimited access to food, ignoring all underlying biological complexity and driving the agenda which can be more adequately named "Neomalpusan" (analogously to legacy of certain German philosopher couple). Btw George, while I wholeheartedly recommend one of your materials (other channel) introducing Peccei and his ilk, I think you failed to recognise common property of all 'traditional' energy sources – namely high-complexity/high-markup process usage, incl. biomanufacturing for most primitive 'source'.

  7. By that logic that means that something has to break by the midterms, if they’re willing to burn votes, they’re focus isn’t on the midterms it’s on maximum burn before they get voted out in a week, wonder what’s about to happen

  8. Those people with the UA flag, it's not about their love for Ukraine, it has never been, it's about their hatred towards Russia. Why do they hate Russia? Most of them have no clue, but they were told to.

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