Do White Lives Matter, Too?

If #BlackLivesMatter, why don’t #WhiteLivesMatter? If we agree that #AllLivesMatter then surely both BLM and WLM are valid? If not, why not?

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  1. obviously not "all lives matter" and if not all lives matter then "NO LIVES MATTER"

    kill em all
    blood for the bloodgod
    skulls for his throne

  2. They are looking for something to do ,once these go to court we can drain the swamp from the rop,we want justice for grooming gangs but the lafties dont know hese crimes was britain that fought racism thriugh churchilndoing hitler because the oresident wanted to execute all nazis,history needed a trial,hope afua hirsh burns her books because 2 years again she vandalused plauques in brisstol but wornt abnit to britain,her facebook says sges guanian.

  3. I used to date black, mixed, brown women but the last one finished me off with her constant harping on about my white privilege while she has lived in Australia for 35 years, and never dating Africans of any colour, all the while earning over $100k a year. Well that's the last time for me and this pathetic cult that the MSM propagate will make sure this will ACTUALLY become about race instead of an imagined slight.

  4. Put simply: they are trying to coerce you to agree that blacks are systemically, routinely treated as second class citizens in Western, "white supremacist" countries (which must be why so many Africans are doing whatever they can to get into the UK, Germany, USA, and other "racist hellholes"). They can't prove this, as statistical evidence for these notions is sorely lacking, so they are trying to bully you into accepting it, or at least keeping your mouth shut.

  5. Black Lives Matter and Antifa have done more to stir up racial tensions and cause racial segregation than the ‘Alt-Right’ could have ever dreamed of in a million years.

  6. The implication to black lives matter isn't that other lives don't matter, it's just that right now black lives are suffering alot more than most. If there's a house burning in a neighborhood, you don't start spraying water at all house. Stop getting offended of things like the title of a movement. Looking like a bunch of snowflakes in this election time, smh.

  7. BLM is a great answer to a question NO ONE asked. Oh, and ice is cold & elephants are large. I will NEVER be proud of OR ashamed of being white. Character is all we have. Race is a bullshit issue for craptacular people. The left LOVES race. So do Nazis & Klansmen. No thank you. Count me out.

  8. This reminds me of when it’s ok to be white posters were put up on college campuses then they were forcibly removed claiming it was racist and white supremacist

  9. That one subscriber appearing on your account that you can't remove as soon as you start criticising Antifa/BLM is soytube's gag. After that certain words you use are blacklisted and your comments removed. There is no freedom of speech under communism

  10. Let's make a grid of all the lives that matter. We will fill each cell with a different human skin tone until every possible human skin tone is represented.
    Next we notice that none of the colors represented are truely white or black, rather they are all different shades of brown.
    Brown. We are all brown.

    Hey look at that, google and ye shall find: someone already did exactly that

  11. I always get the feeling people who say whit lives matter are just saying 'why don't I matter too' this is what Tyler Durden meant when he said men were snowflakes ?

  12. These lefties and radicals have no idea how many of us are actually ready and waiting for them to kick off their “revolution” now, we’ve had enough. They’ll realize far too late how good they actually had it and that there’s no safe spaces in civil war… It’s not going to be our sides bodies that fill the inevitable mass graves. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  13. Even thought I never lived in the 60's I'm confident in saying if BLM acted they do in the 60's blacks would be behind in civil rights department by about ten or twenty years right now in 2020.

  14. Beyoncé Partners with the NAACP to Give $10K Grants to Black-Owned Small Businesses , apparently be the blacks has been affected by the COVID 19 virus. When I first read that Beyoncé was giving grants to BLACK owned business, I couldn’t believe what I was reading; imagine if LADY GAGA or ADELE announced they were giving thousands in grants to white owned business and they made it clear that no Black person could apply for the grant ??… … I think if Lady GAGA did that she would be formally charged with racism. Its one of the most racist things of ever heard of but no one has said a word about it…. and why hasn’t white people said anything, I will tell you why they haven’t said anything; because they know they would be made to shut up. even though millions of white people died with the virus and thousands of white owned business went into liquidation due to the virus , white people are excluded .

  15. Oh this make me want to bring you guys handguns or they need to give yall a self defense law where you take a safty class cause not many will know what they can and shouldnt do and then if yall want a cali approach cause i fell like it would be a one way just get a 7-8round pocket guns for home and self defence