‘Do You Think All Conservatives Are Nazis?’: Ex-Twitter Exec Confronted Over Past Tweets

At today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) questioned ex-Twitter executives.

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  1. I have always seen that if anyone is considered a normal person was always held responsible for their actions. Claiming that they DIDN'T know does NOT make less guilty because of their IGNORANCE OF THE LAW….. HOW often do THEY get AWAY with this???? ANYONE else WOULD be held ACCOUNTABLE IMMEDIATLY….

  2. Whom ever was involved with suppression of our rights needs to be held to account I don't care who they are or what side they are on this needs to be stopped , right along with u tube 💯 and any news they are keeping from us I don't care if it China , Russia, Ukraine, Africa, south America..

  3. One of my employees, an intelligent and kind person, this is in So-Cal, told me he does believe that a significant amount of white Americans are basically like Nazi's. It's a big issue. IMO it was created by the dominant media.

  4. What political party do people think that American neo-nazis vote for and belong to? It's the GOP, so either you politically align with neo-nazis OR you don't. Pretty simple stuff!

  5. If my pet hamster knows most of the transactions, if he knows approximately how many Top Secret Documents were involved, including the blue print for the F-35, which banks were used, the multiple money laundering schemes, including Hunter's "Art Works" and if he knows that Ukraine, China, and Russia were the primary customers over a seven year period, then why are people still questioning the criminals and their minions? If these politicians are this stupid, then they should be questioning my pet hamster, Don Perignon.

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