Docs reveal Alberta lobbied to bring The Bachelorette days after cancelling Christmas | Help fund our investigative journalism
Sheila Gunn Reid reveals how Alberta’s government lobbied to bring filming for The Bachelorette to the province mere days after Premier Jason Kenney’s government effectively cancelled Christmas.
FULL REPORT from Sheila Gunn Reid:

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  1. Rebel News…you guys are the best….no wonder Trudeau and his cronies don’t like Rebel News, you guys have exposed so much…..keep up the great work

  2. Thank you Sheila and Rebel News for exposing the hipocracy and double standard that is very evident in this report!! Shameful that Hollywood would be allowed to enter Canada to film a show during lockdown and when loved ones are hospitalized and who are not permitted to have visitors relatives and friends to comfort and show support during the pandemic!!! Such a lack of sensitivity and empathy for those suffering!! Especially at Christmas!!!! They certainly have lost all common sense and priorities in looking after residents of Alberta. There should be an inquirey into this shamefull act by the Government of Alberta!!!!

  3. What can you expect from a bunch of new world order communist Luciferien psychopaths? My Dad used to say "What can you expect from a pig but a grunt?". These last two years the grunts from parliament hill and the various provincial legislatures have been deafening.

  4. Public health has lost its credibility as a profession based on science, facts, logic & reason. Chief Medical Officers of Health violated fundamental Charter Rights without serious consideration of the destructive effects on people, social cohesiveness & economic stability.

  5. Well at least the world can see that that farce that Canada is the friendliest place in the world is simply not true liters are tyrants and a lot of places are full of racism real racism not like crap they complain about in America

  6. OKAY let's get one thing straight here: You peasants are far too concerned with what the government does. Remember we make these power grabs and RULES for your own good.. Many of you just don't seem to understand this, we are quickly losing patience with you, consider yourselves warned. Is the government and most bureaucrats exempt from these mandates, of course we are, do we profit from them, take a guess. Time for change…

  7. The more I find out the angrier I get. I never let then dictate what I can and cannot do, it's the hypocrisy that bothers me and also the fact that some family and friends go along with this crap

  8. Good thing my TV has been off ever since I caught Joy Baher of The View, lying about Trump and his supporters at his rally in Florida during the primaries, way before the 2016 election. I didn't know that Christmas was ever "cancelled" in Alberta. I have held ALL holidays, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, for all my 4 kids, and their young families. I've had a house full, and I'm not Vaccinated. I guess I didn't miss anything with The Bachelorette show either. Life has actually been so much better without the crap machine on.

  9. December 8th the date of the Immaculate conception & 2 days after the feast of Saint Nicholas ( Santa Claus)….

    Kennedy is & always be the twin of Trudeau on the other side of the coin

    Demonocracy from Demon

    Monarchial Christendom from Christ

  10. “We are all in this together” apparently, but not all of us are essential. It is time to bring these criminals and clowns to court for crimes against humanity. When do all Albertans open their eyes wide and start seeing this? Thank you Sheila for coverage!

  11. So sad that the bad news comes so fast these days that you never hear about the end and who got charged and in jail So many mp mpp should be in jail rfn.

  12. Jason Kenney, Doug Ford, Poilievre, Trump – all vaccinated.
    You can pretend the Conservatives support the freedom-shouters if you want.

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