Doctor Claims SUPPLEMENTS Are Causing Heart Arrhythmia in Young People – Viva Clip

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  1. supplemental "as good as" vaccine"
    I find it hard to consider the letters behind you name as qualification for anything of authority
    she is applying for Faky's job
    it can't help your condition because we didn't say so

  2. The for-profit industrialize pharmaceutical and medical complex is threaten by people taking control of their own health and seeking alternative was of restoring their health.
    Restoring health is easily possible just by eliminating processed food from the diet. That is why the industrialize medical complex and corporate processed food industry have teamed up to destroy peoples health for profits.
    But buyer beware because Nestlé has bought out Solar one of the oldest supplement businesses.

  3. To be honest after being forced to get the jab by my doctor refusing to refill my medication for not being vaccinated.
    I have been sick ever since with stomach issues,intestinal issues and severe depressive moods. IDK if the shot is the cause but to soon after all these things started.

  4. Thanks for sharing ! She maybe want to tell her big Nobel founding: caffeine or theophylline are from herbs and does increae the heartbeats. Since Luc Montaginer, the real Nobel guy, has been shut up, some false Nobel should quack quack.

  5. I'd like to know which brands of what. Talk about vague critiques. Many supplements have been made in China, just as medicines, masks, and most everything else we buy. Research that Dr. Cardiologist.

  6. I take all those supps (except for bitter orange) daily, and have been for literally DECADES. I've NEVER had any heart issues. In fact, I've had numerous full blood workups done, and my doc is always impressed by the results. This "doctor" is making Daffy Duck jealous with her very high level of quackery! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. They want us malnourished and sick so they can keep the boot on our necks more easily. Enjoy the cricket flour people, it only causes allergic reactions and potential death, not nearly as dangerous as those nasty vitamins! 🤐

  8. You don't believe what your betters tell you to believe? What are you, some kind of thinker?

    It really ought to be easy for this cardiologist to make a good case, at least a good enough case to get a serious study funded. It's called challenge-response.
    (1) Some of your patients take X and have symptoms Y.
    How many people take X and don't have symptoms Y? Chances are she never sees
    those people. How many people have symptoms Y and don't take X? She should
    be seeing those people. But start with the X and Y people.
    (2) Persuade those patients to stop taking X. If it makes no difference, X is not the
    cause. If the symptoms get worse, maybe X is a cure and they were self-medicating.
    Either way, if stopping X doesn't help, X probably isn't the cause.
    (3) If stopping X causes symptoms Y to go away, what happens if the patients
    start taking X again? If the symptoms don't recur, X probably isn't the cause.
    But if Y goes away when X goes away and comes back when X comes back,
    then X may very well be a cause of Y and it's time to dig deeper.
    If she had 20 patients who had gone through a challenge-response test and they all got better when they stopped the supplements and worse when they resumed them, I'd say she was onto something. If that is the case, then she has almost certainly submitted a paper to a reputable journal.

    The CRN 2017 Survey on Dietary Supplements reported that 76 percent of US adults take dietary supplements, so at first sight this claim appears weaker than Biden's grasp on reality.

  9. The agenda driven woke, terrified liberal have Zero Critical Thinking. The world is grey, nothing is black or white.
    Ask the one simple question. What changed in the past 2 years. Supplements ? or maybe, just maybe there was an experimental wuhan injection….

  10. 2 cases of Listeria from one Taco Bell: We gotta recall all the lettuce from Nicaragua and all the Onions from South America!

    20 cases of heart arrhythmia in a localized area: It's totally probably supplements, but I won't tell you which brands, batch numbers, or anything to help protect the public. No I don't think we need recalls.

    It doesn't make any sense until you realize only one of these things is real and the other is propaganda.

  11. Didn’t have Dvt or pad/PVD until 2 months after being forced a shot to go into the surgery room. After my legs dead it’s going up their ass. Ty for sharing the truth, real Drs are threatened to lose their jobs if they don’t say the “right” thing. I’m an herbal user by the hr also.

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