Doctor Dr. David Bell, former WHO Expert – What Went Wrong and Why

Just back from fantastic scientific / public health congress in Fatima, Portugal!
Grabbed a few interviews there, and here is the first – Dr. David Bell is an MD with extensive infectious disease expertise, who has spent nearly 10 years in the WHO, and even years working with Gates Foundation. Top notch stuff…!
Subscribe to the Congress channel here for all of the conference material, first day has already been released:

Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. Brilliant synopsis and summary of this 'pandemic' and the response and the capture of this 'opportunity' by a few extremely wealthy to increase their wealth and control over the masses of the world. Spread to the world listeners. In every way you can.

  2. Well we know what the Hippocratic oath really means to those in the medical establishment now don’t we. We can’t trust any of these people. They would sooner take the knee to politicians than they would to prevent mass death just by telling the truth.

  3. I had to laugh when the Dr said someone coming in with a foot problem was often coming in for something else. When I was 16 I was peeing blood and in serious pain. When the doctor asked what the problem was, I asked if he could check my ears. He did, then he asked how were my water works? You have to wonder how they diagnose when the patient is too embarrassed to mention private stuff. Thank heavens I have grown up and consider no conversation too private.

  4. There are huge profits to be made in pandemics and wars, as well as being great methods of reducing the number of what the WEF refers to as "useless eaters". The WEF's primary goal is to steal massive amounts of wealth while simultaneously killing off a significant portion of the world's population, all committed under a banner of altruism………..THE VERY DEFINITION OF EVIL.

  5. Next up…Nuremberg Trials 2.0 – COVID Crimes Against Humanity. Remember the names of the public health officials, politicians & complicit mainstream media who did this…remember them well.

  6. All the shenanigans about censorship and misinformation and all the other heavy-handed, state-controlled "mandates" and penalties just drove home the obvious point that they were supposedly trying to hide . . . that the power elite are actively working to install a whole "new world order" whether we (the peasants) like it or not.

  7. After his first sentence.. hang on what's only just happened because of centralised power!?

    I recommend on the Subject of 1918 Spanish Flu reading The Great Influenza by John M. Barry, apparently Bill Gates (of Hell) read it.

  8. Brilliant interview Ivor, ireland 🇮🇪 the world needs to hear it over and over again.
    hopefully it will eventually sink in.
    Again thanks for introducing me to Dublin Doctor Alan Farrell he is great thinks I like us.
    He understands what it is to be healthy, to get healthy, and stay healthy naturally.
    And Doctor Alan like you is a really nice decent guy.
    I couldn't recommend him more highly.

  9. … WHO… Have you ever watched the movie remains of the day.. charming Christopher Reeves aka Bill Gates character.. Tries to talk everybody into doing what the US has said that they're going to do about war and who they're going to represent and the contracts that they're going to manipulate and everyone else is irrelevant… Now you know what .. That movie was pushing as well as what the WHO got manipulated it and I'm sure there's a paper trail with money and dollar symbols that show which countries agreed which countries agreed with Bill Gates and decided to manufacture a vaccine that cost a dollar to now being charged a 130 produce and mandating that the world follow along with what America wanted. For a few politicians making money on capitalism without any actual research to support health.

  10. Every piece of media that had anything to do with improving your health or eating habits was labeled as false information and censored in the West… If Stalin had done it you would have expected that… When the West did it you said it was for money.. And capitalism if capitalism has become extremism.. Support corporations.. Those ideas need to be left out of the idea of leadership or government. Because they become propaganda on the world stage and they won't respect when all they have done is disrespected everyone in the process

  11. Hi Ivor, not fot the first time you bring us an interview with a man of real integrity, honesty and skill, a person who has spent much of his time on the ground doing the work. This alone gives him a foundation in reality but does not give him full access to everything that goes on behind the scenes in the 'higher', more remote levels of management. Nevertheless he appears to be aware of some of the influences that the WHO has been exposed to and the effects of those influences, in particular the way the bis corporations have taken advantage of gullible politicians.
    More than two years ago it was clear that the WHO advice for managing this outbreak did not include widespread lockdowns and wearing masks everywhere.
    There was also a good deal of publicity about the way the USA was withholding their contributions leading to them having to 'leave' the project, not long after that there was announcements that they had re-joined and soon after that fully complied with all the idiotic nonsense they had previously rejected, I wondered at the time if there was some direct connection, had they been told by the American 'officials' that full compliance with the false narrative was a condition of their membership, something that I can imagine was not unacceptable to the WHO ,management who have always been appointed by politicians.
    Cheers, Richard.

  12. The WHO just like the UN was set up by the globalists to take technocratic control of the world, under agenda 2021/2030 and reduce the population and enslave, transhumanise the remaining few. God help us.

  13. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!
    A classic illustration of how a inter-governmental platform for providing scientific advice, falls prey to the lure of power as it seeks to expand its domain of influence. And becomes a vehicle for delivering private profit even at the cost of public health.

  14. health technologies for low income countries? How about you spend that money on helping them get clean water and fight the corporations that pollute their nations and stop the jabs which make them sicker?
    I lost all respect for the WHO after learning their decades of crap in the third world.

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