Doctor Faces CRIMINAL Charges Over Democrat Abortion Hoax, Viral Story Turns Out To Be Manipulated

Doctor Faces CRIMINAL Charges Over Democrat Abortion Hoax, Viral Story Turns Out To Be Manipulated. The Doctor reportedly failed to report properly about the abuse and could be indicted or stripped of her medical license.

Democrats touted a wild claim about a little girl from Ohio who needed emergency abortion services. The story had no evidence yet went viral. Naturally republicans and conservatives challeneged the claim.

Eventually it turned out the girl was real and the Democrats and liberals claimed victory, until we got the full details.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. You think it's orchestrated for Political Gain I think the Mom didn't want to live in a shelter to get housing for 5 years and knew this Novella story based in Reality would get her family everything they ever wanted by being a Poster Story they would never have to put their face on Pubs can provide her housing in another state and this story will die out can't subpoena over 100 miles from the county can't force out of state

  2. Lets be clear… they only sought out "emergency medical treatment" for the child well after the mother already knew the abuse had occurred. The mother KNEW the perp., and was PROTECTING the perp.

  3. Wow, the level at which politicians go to play dirty. I wish I could say this is ONLY the democrats… they just do it more often… Republicans might do this more rarely, but they are just as bad or worse on hoaxes. I'm sick of politics.

  4. I'm not sure the case for aborting babies just because the mother is "too young" is solid. We do it because we feel bad for the kid, but in this situation we are dealing with two kids, not one. We also forget that we are participating in the abuse of the raped child, because we have now killed her son/daughter, a son/daughter that helped bring the abuse to light and therefore free her from it. Remember that. When you get a child to have an abortion, you are killing her son/daughter, and she will have to live with that fact for the rest of her life. Honestly, the rapist might have done less harm. Can you imagine growing up knowing you helped kill your first kid, with the full support of adults around you? Yes, it's a bad situation, and perhaps the pregnancy is just too dangerous, but stop treating it as an obvious "ok, in this case we just kill the baby". It may be necessary to kill the baby, or it may not. Also, I doubt the abuser himself is getting the death penalty.

  5. Maybe when professor what's her name said it was a dangerous question she meant dangerous to her. If she said what she actually believes she would be shunned and possibly fired. Maybe that crazy look was actually terror….. Nah, she's just a nutball.

  6. There was nothing in this that the dems could use for a win. No matter what narrative eventually surfaced, it would always support the Republican worldview. That's why they lied, fabricated and made a hoax out of it, because the alternative is a MASSIVE win for conservatives and they were hoping the right would just back down like they usually do, not realizing abortion and rape are hard moral issues for conservatives.

  7. Democrats are moral monster who have lost all rationality and basic human decency; please understand that something has shifted in their minds and that they are extremely dangerous to children. They have entered a kind of ideological madness in which they can do severe harm to others without conscience.

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