DOCTOR faces retaliation, gets SUSPENDED after raising DATA MANIPULATION concerns

Happened to a whistleblower and someone who raised concerns and questions. An all too familiar story in the world of Medicine and Science…


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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. The people at the top need to be weeded out, they are another form of corruption in the worst possible place. We trust our lives to these people, and what do they do, betray us!!!
    Life is precious, it should not be distorted by false studies. What are they afraid of??
    Thank you Dr, you give us hope

  2. Don't get discouraged Dr. Dhand. You are awakening to the level of corruption in the world, but didn't expect to find it so deeply embedded in the world of medical research. You may get slammed one of these days, too, friend, so don't be surprised if it happens. You are still naive, with the dismay you show in this video about mob behavior in medicine.

  3. There is so much fraud within the scientific community, we don’t know what we can believe. One thing for sure, everything within the scientific community revolves around money.

  4. I cant comment on Twitter they didn’t even block me nothing just can’t post! My dr had them send “the letter” then an email with a list of doctors who had their licenses revoked. Then email says oh a mistake disregard last email

  5. Dr, your logic is irrefutable with instances of rock like historical support. It is now a problem for human society to be morally upright – a great concern for next human generation.

  6. Somewhat surprising to me just how many physicians are unscientific in there thought processes. I always knew there was some of that but Covid has made aware that unscientific thinking is a pandemic within the medical community.

  7. A very eloquent defense of this doctor and others like him. Respect to you for standing up for him, and calling out all those who would "pile on" him, as you say. We always have to wonder about the motives of those piling on. There must be a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. In most recent times, it's doctors on the pharma payroll who will smear any doctor deviating from the official treatment protocol.

  8. It's very sad to see the corruption of medicine and the power of the medical industrial complex spreading from the US epicentre. People have to take responsibility for their own health, most medical practitioners are becoming irrelevant or even detrimental to health.

  9. Thanks Dr. Dhand, we’re still here. Yes, Dr. Fayad’s end quote says it all..You’re so on point with whistle blowers and mob mentality.. You’re brilliant and won’t go crazy..! Thank you again, and be well always♥️

  10. The health care system together with the teachers, politicians, judges and wannabe-priests have turned into whores for the pharma- und finance-industry.

    Let those bastards come and remember: Evil has to come, but woe to those evil comes through.

  11. Science and Medicine IS COMPLETE POLITICS.
    Cannot trust these institutions any more. They became too cocky with the firing of any scientist or doctor asking questions in last 2 years. NOW WE ALL KNOW THAT SCIENCE AND MEDICINE HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY POLITICIANS AND BIG PHARMA where money and power is more important than the welfare of the public and the children.
    The genie is out of the bottle. We cannot trust the "science" or the medical establishment. They have shown their true colours.

  12. Trouble is, manipulation of data and trials is not new and not an isolated incident. You only have to read Candace Pert's book "Molecules of Emotion" to get a hint of the politics involved in research. It takes a very brave person to stick their head above the parapet. Whistle blowers always end up destroyed – they are never treated the same, ever again – it is tragic. Respect to anyone who follows the truth. And didn;t Pasteur manipulate data to destroy Bechamp? And that has probably been the biggest tragedy of all.

  13. Pedantic point: the Earth REVOLVES around the Sun. (It rotates on its own axis once every 24 hours.)
    Keep up the good work, we live you. Point about what Semmelweis was pointing out: the obstetricians were coming to deliver babies and examine mothers STRAIGHT FROM the room where they had been dissecting corpses of people who had died of various diseases, WITHOUT EVEN WASHING THEIR HANDS.

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