Doctors Are Trying To Medicalize Being Human

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A panel of U.S based doctors are now recommending annual anxiety screenings.

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. While as more and more people test, YOU KNOW, the definition of anxiety will change and like all the symptoms for the bug and being trans, suddenly everything will be a sign of anxiety! That will be an entire population with a subscription to Big Pharma. Greatest $$$ making idea ever! And, given the population will be addicted to anxiety meds, likely ADD meds, like anti-depressants, likely the jab/boosters, likely hormones, puberty blockers, yeah, this will be 1. making millionaires by the day, 2. hell on earth.

  2. This is so bizarre. There is a difference between having anxiety (which every single human ever has had) and having an anxiety disorder, which means that you, for whatever reason, can't process your anxiety properly. Also, now that they're using only SSRIs to treat anxiety, they'll just have more people on these same exact medications . It really makes you wonder what else these drugs are doing to people

  3. I was suicidal a while ago, I guess the people around that cared enough to talk me out of it were wrong. They should’ve validated my feelings and I shouldn’t be here 🤦🏾‍♂️
    It’s an evil world we’re living in fr

  4. I went to a therapist many years ago and he wanted to give me drugs for ADHD. When I looked up the symptoms for ADHD, they looked exactly like the definition of being a human. I quit therapy and went back to being an engineer, which requires hour of focused work on a daily basis. I guess I had anxiety and was just misdiagnosed.

  5. I was on lorazepam for 14 yrs straight, but I quit cold turkey 6 months ago, I swear I was gonna die, and my anxiety got so much worse till it got better, but we do have to face our fears and anxiety and I did, now I’m anxiety free!🙌

  6. People often get a diagnosis while going through a traumatic or depressing situation and rather than get through the situation they get a lifelong diagnosis and drug habit. It's amazing how the stages of grief now include pill popping and a litany of side effects. Heartbreaking.

  7. An older friend and i just spoke on this last month. They are trying to push anxiety meds on her. Her husband cheated on her. Left her and sold their home. She is living in a motel. They told her she is depressed. Take these meds. She said , if you went through what she has, wouldn't you. Plus she list her dad and sister in those 2 years. She said she doesn't need meds, just time to heal. I was a nurse. I have never seen so many people put on pills here in America. Many kids and now adults on extremely dangerous and mind altering medication. Now , suicide is on the rise and these meds only make those feelings more intense

  8. I do think there are people who need it (I had severe depression and anxiety in high school, I couldn’t do normal activities and I scratched/bled my arms to “punish myself” when I couldn’t control my spiraling emotions. I struggled to stop myself and nothing helped. It took me a few years to find the right medication and dosage, but I eventually found the right one). The problem is that people use medication to treat normal feelings like stress, pain, loneliness, etc., rather than talking to someone and getting uplifting words or hugs from their family or friends. It’s amazing how a loving parent or friend, who takes time out of their day to text, call or meet up, can have a positive impact on your life.

  9. I agree with you Matt…but to be fair massachusetts has a serious mental health crisis so it doesnt surprise me this guy from MA is proposing some type of preventative screening.

  10. anxiety and apprehension itself is normal. an anxiety disorder is not normal and is a medical condition. you have to separate the two, otherwise you look like an idiot who obviously knows nothing about the psychology of the human mind, which in this case is true. thanks for invalidating millions of people.

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  12. Big pharmacia and their drugs doesn't cure mental illness, they masked it. I don't doubt that people feel better with a drug in their body, especially when it's called medicine. But give a person without any diagnose and he/she will probably also feel a little better. So is all drugs working. But in the long run it will also cause different problems. The fraud in this is what they claim the medicines do for you. The chemical imbalance was one attempt to make this procedure scientific. But it has been proven as a fraud already in the 90s. I don't judge people on psychiatric medication, I understand that they feel it helps. It's just that once you get in to psychiatry you may not get away from it.

  13. Sure, anxiety is a human thing, but certain people's anxiety leads to violent crimes. I see this as a way to normalize mental health treatment and contribute to making our human spaces safer. Essentially, I think the hope is to catch a condition before it becomes harmful.

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