Doctors Now Take Issue With Dr. Moore’s 1-in-5000 Myocarditis Claim – Viva Clips

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  1. Spin spin spin! They say all sorts of things as they go around, so no matter what we say it's wrong! No matter what we think, that's wrong too. No matter how we react, that's wrong. When you recognize the intended confusion in order to manipulate; that's when none of it works on us anymore! Keep speaking up, so proud to be a part of the Great Canadian Awakening!

  2. Well, I know of 2 young men who got myocarditis. One a 19 year old best friend of my son since JK. Another a 24 year old distant nephew. So that’s 2 in 5000 in my immediate world. Thank God my son got natural immunity and will demand faith based exemption from UWO. This craziness has to stop!

  3. "when you walk away, there will be no coming home". Heard it in a song, thought it extremely relevant to Canada at the moment. Canada is my home, but it doesn't look like the home I grew up in. I've been considering going elsewhere. Two problems. Where? And if I leave, that's me giving them my home.
    This isn't too relevant to this video but where else can I get a smattering of Canadians across the globe.

  4. Safe and effective, they said those exact words every single day for over two years over and over. They're still saying the lie. They never mentioned risks and the paid off media never asked.

  5. So not a vaccine now.. a therapeutic eh? and a known risk.. as opposed to totally safe?

    Crimes against humanity indeed!

    Giving any healthy person the choice of a therapeutic with a chance of an irreversible heart condition vs the possiblity of getting something akin to serious flu (even at the same 1:5000) what person in their right mind would take the risk?

    It isn't that there is a risk that pisses me off.. there is always a risk with putting chemicals in your body.. it is that they knew there were inherent risks, they conspired to hide said risks, and they applied coercive propoganda for its uptake, and demonising slander for any who raised their hand to ask questions.

    Hague 2.0.. with the same punitive actions against those found guilty as in Hague 1.0

  6. Aye, and at 1:5000 serious adverse reactions per dose for healthy 18yr olds.. what does that realistically equate to in 30's.. 40's.. 50's.. etc??

    I guess it is far easier to bury any correlation, with the tea, in older age groups! Then again, any correlation would likely be impossible, if not for us holdouts essentially being a control group.. I imagine that is why they are still pushing it.

    We are now a big big problem for the powers that be, we are a living, breathing, testament to their lies.

  7. I have listened to this before but only today did something occur to me. Here in Australia 🇦🇺 government will introduce a law because one or two person’s health has been affected by some toxin or fibre etc. but they ignored thousands of people being affected by these “vaccines”. I hope that in the not too distant future they are held accountable.

  8. My friend's 20 yr old daughter has myocardis but her doctor insists it is not related to the vaccine, even though symptoms started shortly after it. I am sure her doctor is not alone.

  9. So if the number is right, then if five million people under 18 were vaccinated, 1,000 kids would get myocarditis on the first dose, and 1,000 more kids may get myocarditis every 5-9 months if they mandate boosters. If applied to everyone in Canada, since they want to keep boosting everyone ad nauseum, then 35 million people would produce 7,000 cases of myocarditis every 5-9 months.

  10. Heraldo Riveras son speaks the truth. I can’t believe they have let you get the truth out without trashing u and shutting u down. You are one of the best out there. My theory, the elites are gonna let truth tellers speak in order to cause mass chaos amongst the sheep that took this clot shot poison. They want riots and total collapse of society. It’s now just a race between food shortage riots and clot shot victim riots. Maybe it will be a tie. God is our only hope.

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