Documentary Filmmaker Topher Field Arrested by Victoria Police

Documentary film maker and political commentator Topher Field has been arrested by Victoria Police for “incitement”. Topher has been a vocal public critic of the Andrews regime and the police response in the State of Victoria. Topher is also currently working on a documentary that delves into topics around government overreach and misuse of police authority.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Not your country, Sri Lankan. If you break the law regarding the health safety of the community, you get arrested. If you don't like it, the airports will be opened soon and Kandy is thataway.

  2. We oppose the progranda by the legacy media. The Australian people demand they surrender. The liberal government must surrender to the people or blood shall spill. Australia as a country will not be taken over by politicians who are in bed with pharmacist lobbyists. Putting Australia dollars before Australian lives.
    Prime Minister Scott Morrison you personally have betrayed and misled and lied to the Australian people about covid about the lockdowns about forcing us and our children vaccinations dividing Australians against each other. You sold us out to big pharma we shall not be experiments. Scot you must resign now or charges of treason and crimes against humanity will be laid. Australia has had enough we can't take it anymore. Stop this now and stay away from our children. We will never give up, never give in and never forget.
    Yours sincerely, Australia.

  3. To be honest when you see protesters in countries like france and italy really show strength by giving the cops and politicians some good biffing back , the aussies just act like fluffs. Im a proud aussie but there is little meaning here or balls to get effin serious hence why we get done over.

  4. The next thing people will just disappear like in Communist China. This is so frightening. What has our Victorian police force and government come to. Frightening, scary stuff. If we speak out we will disappear soon. I’m shaking too. Terrible shocking stuff.

  5. Absolutely disgraceful arresting people for unfavourable political coverage. This is what Victoria has come to. Granting any government emergency powers always ends up with democratic rights being trashed.

  6. #Rukshan the brazilian supreme court is arresting people under the same argument grounds. Anyone who disagrees any brazilian supreme court decision they're arresting. You are able to disagree the government's decision freely, but not the supreme courts decision. Yeah…that's the "new normal democracy" for many countries as I've seen.

  7. In a country that was initially "settled" as a penal colony, prison colony, by Britain’s, riff-raff military & convicts, especially NSW & Victoria, t is not surprising that the police & political figure so often as corrupt and corporate/corporal against their fellow citizens.

  8. It’s time the government who has created this mess, is held accountable.
    Resignation with full benefits is not acceptable. If any member of the public causes pain and suffering to others, they can be out in jail. But our gov is free from accountability. – no longer acceptable.

  9. Love independent reporters! No one is saying you are the absolute truth but merely practicing their democratic right to say what you think and looking at the number of followers many agree.

  10. More and more Australians should ask the police the question: did you swear an oath to protect the government or the people? It should stop and make them think. The police should not be doing the governments bidding