Documents Reveal: FBI Set Up General Flynn

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  1. Whats the big deal the muller Russia case is closed, unless your hiding skunks and
    elephants, like joe biden bringing up a stupid, insane, vicious and
    corrupt idea like the Logan act against a three star general.

  2. We have been lied to over 4 years. These Obamagate. Spygate.
    Just read all Trump & his Admin & Republicans accomplishments & results in only 3.7 years. Extremely long lists of historical results. Vote to re elect Trump & all Republicans in every local, State and Federal elections. Mayors & Governorships too. Save America & your districts from bad, inept lunatic liberal leadership. Midterms too. We need to hold Senate Majority & retake House Majority in Congress.

  3. Evil Obamagat loser shame on you fool evil mola Obama you scame FBI soros puppet shame on you evil loser Biden evil loser mola Obama evil loser Obamagat justice is coming for you all evil people jail time for your scams to our country our nation our freedom evil mola Obama was America biggest Mistake shame on you loser

  4. The Flynn phone call was about Expulsions NOT sanctions. Read the transcript! That's why the Flynn case is such BS! They charged him with lying about "sanctions". The transcript of the Flynn interview they ask NOTHING about sanctions just EXPULSIONS! So how can he lie about something he never talked about in the call?

  5. It looks like if Flynn had stayed in the Trump administration a lot of the awful foreign policy decisions might not have happened. Instead a political novice was surrounded by a bunch of duplicitous war mongers.

  6. The Logan act has nothing to do with it being illegal to discuss or collude per say (which is not illegal) with a foreign government, the law was created in the 1800s for the reason that makes it illegal for a American citizen to falsely represent an American official in official business with that country..because back then they had no quick means to verify a person’s identity…

  7. Logan Act was never used at all. It should be wiped away with all the other unconstitutional edicts that are cluttering up our laws.

  8. uh oh…the left realizes a police superstate is a bad idea…

    DONT WORRY GUYS, a superpower socialist state would never do this type of stuff. Socialism is a great idea, more power and control by the government

  9. I was with your guest up to his Trump rant in the middle. In fact Trump is trusted more than the Dems and MSM on Covid, and let's not forget NY dem mayor stuffed up with the nursing homes and then took the official figures down off the website. How can you trust the dems anyway in any capacity, what with encouraging the "peaceful" riots and only now gaslighting that they're Trumps riots.

    Also, don't get me started on Cenk, such a liar and smear merchant piece of shit what he did to Sam Harris.