Documents Reveal Secret Twitter Portal US Government Used to Censor COVID Content

🧶 EpochTV: The Shadow State documentary 👉


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  1. First musk came for frog boy and no one cared. The WEF young leader self professed socialist will do far worse. He's stolen billions of taxpayer dollars and you act as controlled opposition; swooning over him.

  2. Killing people with lies is a crime not free speech the concern is right lies causing riots violence claiming free speech being stolen. Search heading false information and hoaxes (18 U.S. Code § 1038 causing death is a fine and up to life in prison) worldometer covid update (click USA for states Florida record high covid deaths red states covid deaths vs blue states covid deaths copy search headings on google image lives saved by vaccines no deaths caused by vaccines (People are weakened from covid EVEN IF VACCINATED causing deaths by other illnesses) Trumps covid lies timeline Trump admits lying about covid

  3. This is why the MSM is engaged in a character assassination of Musk. To keep people distracted from the facts. As usual. It's their fallback plan every time. Russiagate when it comes to the Clinton/DNC emails, Musk is bad when it comes to this.

  4. Massachusetts has a germ depot on State St Springfield Massachusetts. Low income neighborhood, mainly blacks and Puerto Ricans. We white people want germ warfare in our neighborhoods also

  5. The Demo☭Rat Party is almost the same as the Nazi Party except instead of murdering Millions of Jews the Democrats support the continued Genocide/Murder of Hundreds of Millions of innocent Unborn Babies.

    The Nazi party started out as socialists just like the Demo☭Rat party is.

    The National Socialistiche Duetsche Arbeiter Partei (A.K.A The National Socialist German Workers Party), referred to as the Nazi Party.

    “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty” – Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda Minister”

    "Truth is the mortal enemy of all socialists" Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda Minister”

  6. Sadly, the revelation of this information – much of which we were already suspicious of – won't result in justice, breaking up the colluding parties, or recompense for the citizens who have lost their freedoms, their health, and even their lives. The Left still controls most of the media and social media, they still control the DOJ, they are still indoctrinating our children to hate America and become sexually confused rainbow blobs, and they still control the election process…so we can't vote them out.

  7. Funny about the CoVid junk. Yes Boston College developed a strain of the disease that killed 80% of the mice it was tested on. All fine and dandy, EXCEPT they actually developed a WEAKER strain of the disease because the original strain killed ALL the mice it was tested on.

  8. I found that when I was being challenged to conform to the fb narrative, I often had stuff blocked or censored by fb "fact checkers" that if I challenged them back, listing multiple sources of widely available studies and conformations of what I posted, they would generally cave and leave me alone. Possibly because I screenshot many of these interactions, and then reposted to the community. So that others could see the exchange. I encourage anyone who is being harassed by the "fact checkers" don't give up, don't give in, do not play dead. Fight back with your sources. They can not dispute what is widely and easily obtained from government sources, web pages. Keep fighting! Keep praying! And stay free Patriots.

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