Dodgy Data and the Booster Race

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  1. I'm not thinking of getting a booster. Given that even if they put me on a vaccine system, the measures and restrictions will continue, according to "experts". I can't get infected by staying at home and just walking to the grocery store five minutes away, in a town of 6,000 people. This no longer benefits me or society, let alone the business in which I work and is now closed. I'll only take a booster dose if they really start piling up the dead in pits and burning them, just as the "experts" scare … but I'm not sure.

  2. Live agents don't drop, unless they were damaged in transport.
    1 shot to open your cell, 2 to encode you. 3 was to correct the known placebos that were sent out. There are only 3 reasons for a fourth, damaged in transport or to correct 2&3 or critical failure. That which I'm most concerned is which vax is failing?

  3. I was told many times that the vaccines are "safe and effective". Leaving safety aside, if the goddamn things are only effective for 2.5 months then they are F@CKING INEFFECTIVE AND I'M NOT SURE EVEN QUALIFY AS A VACCINE and the pharmaceutical industry is robbing taxpayers in dozens of countries blind.

    How much does each dose of these sugar pills cost? TRILLIONS of dollars effectively stolen on false pretenses. By god I hope that at least some of those responsible for the basket of lies, exaggerations, fear-mongering, dystopian power grabs, and big pharma grifting that is the PLANDEMIC pay the piper very soon.

  4. If the trend continues the next variant will be so weak it'll be indistinguishable from the regular cold, by next year it'll probably just be a single cough followed by being shot by your local covid adherence officer.

  5. SAGE has relied and and supplied predictions via modelling, to the Government, since the start of the pandemic. Yet, not one prediction that SAGE has made has actually occurred. SAGE should be consigned to the bin. No one should be forced to have any vaccine and it should definitely not effect their livelihood. During any and every pandemic, migration should be curtailed.

  6. Sounds like "3 in 4 vaxxers would have a booster" rather than what we'd assume "3 in 4 of both vaxxed and unvaxxed would"

    So that would round out to about 50/50 on the whole population.

  7. Could see it being maybe yearly like with the flu but more then that seems bit much and ya it makes sense from my minimal knowledge of the subject as to why to many vaccines likely do more harm then good for multiple reasons

  8. >Dodgy data is being used for <insert political agenda here>
    Welcome to where us """"conspiracy theorists"""" and """"climate deniers"""" arrived decades ago. It only took politics (or business interests) informing the scientific process – rather than the inverse – in most cases for you lot to catch up.

  9. Next virus will literally wipe out the entire vaxxed population if their immunity keeps getting messed up by constant vaxx.
    Good luck tho, me and my family are purebloods.

  10. I took the first two shots in good faith/a desire to travel but this is getting ridiculous. Big Pharma are definitely using this to drive profit more than they are to protect public health.

  11. I have a friend in SAGE and his defense for the models were "It was only one or two doublings away from the models, I consider that accurate". This logic is faulty to anyone who understands how exponential spread works in finite populations (it has a limit) and the presumption that there's "just one doubling" away is insane when you're at the million cases a week number. Getting that to two million in a population pool of <70m is very difficult. So if my friend is any representation SAGE is full of deluded people who are out of touch with reality.

  12. how long, will this last?
    how long until the average joe gets sick of this?
    how long until heads actually fucking roll?
    how long until govs learn that unless theyre full on commies with the oppressive system in place they cant bully the people for too long?

  13. "Immunity" is not characterised by the number of specific antibodies in the blood. It is characterised by the body's ability to rapidly produce new antibodies – of the same type – in response to reinfection. The body will naturally stop producing COVID antibodies after the virus has been "defeated", meaning that the antibodies will gradually disappear from the bloodstream. This is healthy and normal, like weapons being stored away during peacetime.

    If the nature of the vaccine is the same as ever (which i believe it is), then getting subsequent doses won't actually boost immunity. It will just crank up the body's "Def Con" level, causing it to undergo a "live fire drill" against the vaccine again. However, the body's "Def Con" level cranks up automatically when encountering a previously-defeated pathogen, so getting another shot is essentially redundant. The body's natural immune response is not so slow that it must be artificially kept at a state of "Red Alert" with more vaccines. If it were that slow, we – as a species – would've died out millions of years ago.

    Natural immunity lasts for decades. The body has special white blood cells dedicated to remembering specific "enemies", and knowing what antibodies are needed to combat them. These cells reproduce, like all others, so the knowledge is "passed down through the generations". This is why chickenpox is something that most people only get once – because the virus doesn't change, and the body's learned immunity prevents recurrent infection. The body's immunity to COVID is fundamentally no different; once one has been exposed to a particular COVID variant, one is immune to it.

    If the vaccine "recipe" hasn't changed, there is no meaningful benefit to repeatedly getting it. It's that simple.

  14. Relaxing immigration rules to get overseas care workers to go to the UK.
    Okay and where do they think these care workers come from, out of thin air?
    They are poaching care workers from other nations WHO NEED THEM.
    Is it any wonder so many nations are shit holes? If you poach their best and brightest then those places will never improve because they won't have the people needed to improve themselves!

  15. Son and wife caught covid. My wife has chronic illness. She took a 10 about to get over it. A few rough nights, but fine.
    Son had a scratchy throat.

    And I was unbothered.

    All of us have not been vaxxed. And now, why would I?
    T cell immunity cannot be given via a these jabs. T cell immunity is the strongest kind you can have.

    As for the immune deficiency syndrome. Ueah, scientists have been talking about that for awhile.

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