Does Anyone Care About Liz Truss?

The Business of Alienating Your Die-Hard Fanbase

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  1. Deeply she's a massive concern shes been in power 2 minutes and she's already handing over hundreds of billions instead of just taking our energy supplies back into national hands, something that should of never been subjected to supply and demand. not like diamonds where we can just no buy one… Lol Are my lotuseater why don't you want to go into Boris's history? Its worthy of multiple jail sentences.

  2. Out goes the crazy uncle vibes, in comes the substitute geography teacher whose trying to be friends with the kids vibe. Under boris i was embarrassed, now i just feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to her, 2 years of cringe incoming.

  3. Im just waiting for peter hitchens to weigh in. He has never been on the same panel as lizz truss without bringing up that she used to be a lib dem and thats before she was anyone of note.

  4. I thought that Boris had finally managed to get a haircut and a half decent stylist. So it was actually a Truss? Look like the next advert for "The United Benetton"

  5. It's funny, when I was a child, Prime Minister was sort of an important and august position, and now it is just head clown. I guess you can say that for POTUS too though.

  6. How did Boris get brexit done – it was already in the callender when he took over. He was meant to sort out the NI details, but those are still ongoing. So what was his contribution to getting it done, other than being in the chair when the music stopped?

  7. Truss seems to be whatever she wants to be when it suits her. During her political career she has been a leftie, a Lib Dem, a remainer, and a republican. Now she a Tory, a Brexiteer, and a monarchist.

    Today's mainstream politicians have no beliefs, no soul, and aren't really interested in their own countries. All they worship are money, corporate big business, diversity, and being part of the rising globalist empire

  8. Will anything change, yes it will get far, far worse. I will no longer be supporting channels and independent media only talking about what's happening, only any talking about action now. Butchers are shutting down, small businesses etc. I don't need commentary on events anymore, I need action.

  9. I feel so bad for my cousins the Brits. We have Trump and DeSantis and a few others fighting the narrative and talking about things that actually matter. My family came from England in the 1600s to move to America so I care about what happens to you guys. It’s so depressing to see what kind of people you’re stuck with. I really think Farage needs to run for PM. He probably doesn’t want to do it but he’s one of the only people I see that is focused on things that really matters. These political creatures that just recycle through the system are just garbage

  10. The government intervention is almost as scary as the lifting of the price cap, so now we are all under the thumbs of the government (based on when the next election falls) to decide to benevolently 'help' people out with their bills (which are ever increasing behind the scenes because as you say they are not dealing with the core issue of prices) or alternatively say they have no ability to help. If they solved the problems once and for all then what would be the point of having a government at all?

  11. If climate change is such an existential threat, why aren’t we in the West turning to nuclear power as the obvious solution? Because climate change is a boogyman excuse for global elites to make $ for renewable investments who in turn donate and back politicians. It’s just another scam.

  12. For the 'This Morning' clip please refer to the 'Mitchell and Webb' sketch about "The Event"

    Literally has messages blaring on-screen saying "REMAIN INDOORS" and then somebody wins fuel as a prize on a gameshow

    Now that's just reality

  13. If you don't care about Liz Truss you should. She's WEF through and through, she will oversee another pointless lockdown this winter, she will continue the climate agenda and the reset and will roll back Brexit if she can. Trust me she is as bad if not worse than Labour.

  14. The conservatives just elected a woman to virtue signal, and then she filled all the top posts with woman and people of colour to virtue signal …what could go wrong?

    And you English wonder why Britain has been going to hell in a handbasket this past 25 years?

  15. We have a second blond Baldrick in a row.

    It's all uphill from here.

    Rob the tax payers to pay the energy firm's to increase her investment 👍

    Previous experience: build 250.000 homes for first time buyers, 0 delivered 👍

    Cut the environment agency costs = just pump the raw sewage into the river's and give the saved money to private samon farms to increase her investment 👍

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