‘Does Google Engage With The FBI?’: Matt Gaetz Presses House Hearing Witness

At today’s House Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned Elliot Williams, Principal at the Raben Group.

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  2. The Watergate Weaponization Committee , on Exlax . hearing . Matt Gaetz , speaks and represents the 1 % . Gaetz don't want the f.b.i. to get involved with Corporate Business . If the f,b.i. has a warrant for a person ,on Google , Google has to comply . And that's what Gaetz want the f.b.i. to do ,to stop it . We have 974 + Watergate Plumbers gets , Gaetz , support .

  3. If my spouse came home with alot of money which left me in an unexpected state of shock, I would demand to know WHERE he got that money. What he got it for, WHEN did he get it, WHO did he get it from, WHY did he get it, HOW did he get it and did he sign up for some sort of group involvement which guarantees him this money over and over and over as long as he "pledged" some kind of self-sacrifice in order to keep that money rolling in. I probably wouldn't have a problem with it as long as it affected nobody else's life or livelihoods and didn't harm innocent people along the way for his "loyalty" but if it required him turning his very soul into a nefarious greedy reptilian traitorous antiConstitional monster then yeah, I'd give him the choice between his family and his goodness and reputation and soul OR he could take his Illgotten gains and see if the grass is greener over there with "them". And I would hope if he chose the nefarious side that he enjoys his stay at "Hotel California".

  4. They did this with zuckerberg….and nothing happened….nothing will happen.. cause they are pretending to be in outside. Thise Republicans are not on our side.. they are pretending

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