Does Jan 6 Matter? Aaron Maté & Briahna Joy Gray Debate

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Do the Jan 6 hearings matter? Briahna and Aaron debate if the primetime case helps Democrats and democracy.

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  1. Donald Trump's "Stop the Steal!" psychosis, is matched only by Democrat's "Russia-Gate" psychosis. Which came first? This matters to Donald Trump.

    I'm not a psychologist, so I can't speak to Donald Trump's personality with regard to his actions. But I can talk about what I’ve seen occur.

    For Donald Trump, President Obama threw down a gauntlet when he humiliated Trump in front of the world’s press at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. The result was that Donald Trump ran for President. It’s almost like Trump said to himself, “I’ll show him!” Donald Trump becoming President effectively gave him the "last word." A situation of, “he who laughs last, laughs best.”

    However, when Trump won the election against Hillary Clinton, Democrats collectively lost their minds. Trump won a fair election, and now he was subjected to endless accusations involving Russia. Democrats started doing everything in their power to remove Trump from office.

    Like with President Obama’s humiliation, Democrats threw down a gauntlet, and Trump holds grudges. It’s quite reasonable to believe that Trump convinced himself there was no way he could have actually lost to Joe Biden. This started him down the “Stop the Steal” pathway. Democrats continue to do anything and everything to make Donald Trump ineligible to run again for President. I believe their actions will force Trump to run again, out of spite.

    You have two toxic sides that vehemently hate one another, and each side does things to incite the other.

    That is how I view the entire overall picture. I’m open to other possibilities, but this appears the most likely scenario.

  2. We're going on six years of this – four years of Russiagate, two impeachments. They've been through his tax records and business dealings who knows how many times. Enough already.

  3. It's a distraction for the crime of both Trump & Biden of causing WWIII. While Trump was Prez, he allowed NATO to train and equip the Ukrainian military. Biden continued where Trump left off. Now, with the war Biden recently said, "Ukraine will win", no matter what the reality is on the ground, meaning the war will continue with more direct involvement of NATO.

  4. Jan 6th blah blah blah, Democrat politicians are saying things like "burn it down", demanding something be done when the Supreme Court goes against them, and fomenting riots in the streets, most people see the hypocrisy.

  5. Dems want so badly to run on Jan 6, Roe, Guns, Russia, Trump.

    GOP is just going to say "gasoline" and win bigly.

    Dems will blame Jan 6, Roe, Guns, Russia, Trump.

  6. How much as Aaron actually been watching? Jan 6 is not Russiagate all over again. There's real substance here: he knew his supporters had weapons, and didn't want them prevented from joining the rally. Sure, the "grabbing the wheel" is lame and apparently contradicted by at least 1 Secret Service agent, but there's a lot of important information, some we already knew from reports a year earlier, that proves a conspiracy to overturn the election. It's more than just that attempt; these hearings also prove that Trump didn't care if violence occurred, which did, thought people shouting "Hang Mike Pence" had the right idea, on and on and on. Anyone who votes for him, even in a primary in '24, has no sense of history or patriotism, despite what they may believe about themselves. I agree Cheney and others who voted with Trump's agenda 93% of the time shouldn't be celebrated, but that's the mainstream media engaging in that, and shouldn't be a reason to discredit the Jan 6 hearings.

  7. What gets me is that Democrats are trying to start WWIII in their unwavering support for EuroMaidan, at the same time they are clutching their pearls about EuroMaiDonald

  8. No one ever talks about emoluments any more. Where's Garland? Republican Coups have been happening for the last decade or so… check w/ Greg Palast. Virtually no one talks about Kathryn Harris, or Kenneth Blackwell any more. Cheetohead complained about Biden Cheating in Wisconsin, but no one ever mentions the ~100k Democrat voters in Milwaukee thrown off the rolls. Gerrymandering, under-resourcing Democrat Precincts, proprietary software on voting machines, etc. etc.

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