DOJ Appeals Maralago Raid Special Master Appointment

They don’t want anyone going through the papers and realizing most of it isn’t pertinent to the warrant:

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  1. The Donald is smart, but I don't think he was this smart. This would be like 4th-dimension chess. The most likely explanation is sloppy record keeping by someone from the National Archives. I don't believe DT touched any of the records. It was most likely a government employee from the National Archives who did a lousy job of record storage.

  2. Trump LITERALLY STOLE NUCLEAR SECRETS to sell to his best friend and cohort VLADIMIR PUTIN so he could wipe Democracy out of Ukraine. This is a known fact. Stop defending this fascist.

  3. I once suspected there might be Russian Collusion Hoax materials in the boxes but I now think the whole purpose was to create a narrative around a big box with a question mark on it since revealing what was there should not be a problem. As long as specific details that were classified was not revealed. We know why Trump grabbed a big trove of documents. He doesn't know exactly whats there and neither does any single person. As long as the actual contents are kept secret the narrative can whisper whatever it wants about them. Simple as that.

    God Bless Us All

  4. You are so biased in favor of Trump that it's nearly impossible to listen to you. You would likely have a lot more viewers if you were actually objective in your approach.

  5. 40 or maybe 50 years ago the FBI set up a sting operation. They had someone pose as a rich Saudi Prince in a mansion in the greater DC area. He would attempt to bribe members of Congress to do his bidding in exchange for large sums of cash. Many of them were corrupt/corrupted and were filmed (with audio) taking huge bundles of the cash while agreeing to do whatever was asked of them. when all members of Congress learned of the operation they were outraged, not at the corrupt members who took the bribes, but at the FBI. Whoever the FBI director was at that time was doing a great job. Now look at what we have. Political Simps

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