DOJ Confirms Hunter Biden Is STILL Under Investigation, Why Is NO ONE Talking About This??

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest Seamus Coughlin (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) discuss why the media has chosen to close its eyes to the importance of what is happening with the son of the Democratic presidential candidate.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Shortly after their inception in 1949, the CIA implemented Operation Mockingbird. By late 1950's they had taken control of MSM and the operation was deemed a success. 1975 Hatch Report to Congress confirmed the CIA not only controlled MSM, they also controlled the Associated Press. Today, MSM puppets administer a liberal lobotomy to the "worthless food eaters" on a daily basis.

  2. Trump might not be perfect but nobody who is would last 5 minutes in the corrupt environment the president is in. Trump has to reduce the corruption so that good people can survive in his place.

  3. From a black guy's viewpoint, juan from Fox is a display of the disconnected "educated" black demographic of the left. And now that I think about it i don't even watch the 5 because of him!! They manage to sit there with a thin shell of pride, dignity, and integrity at the surface but when they open their mouths they do nothing but regurgitate leftist propaganda, and feel convincingly proud of themselves for adding there "own" "educated" twist to it? I'm over it.

  4. The FBI isn't doing shit, they have an "investigation" so they can stop real law enforcement from looking into it, that's all. The FBI is filled with communists and Democrat staffers. They only way they will start an investigation is if a Democrat pays a Russian to accuse a Republican.

  5. 02:25 NO! NOT RIGHTFULLY SO! That is the problem! People with that mentality. This is not high school! It is not a popularity contest! You should vote for the party that supports your beliefs and your policies! The President, whether it is Biden or Trump, sits for 4 years and will be gone, but the policies and laws put in place under his administration, will continue to impact our society for years and decades to come!!
    Where do your convictions lie!? Freedom of Religion? True freedom of speech? Freedom to bare arms and defend yourself? Do you want less Government involvement or more Gov't involvement? Pay more or less taxes? Do you support more crime or do you prefer less crime? ….and on and on and on!

    Please bring Adam back and get rid of this guy. I know he is young, but he really does not bring solutions or ideas to this forum!

  6. Why for sure motions! Pres Trump is the most honest and open Pres ever! He is completely open and transparent! Everything he has done has been to help America and We the People. Wake up !!!

  7. Did you know that: since Joe Biden's 1994 crime bill they have locked up over half a million black men for non violent crimes ? Did you know that: when Kamala Harris was Attorney General of California, she locked up over 1500+ black men for smoking weed ? But yet she Admits to Smoking it as well!