DOJ Explored Charging Democrats For Allowing Antifa And BLM Leftist Riots, Trump Has ENDED The Riots

DOJ Explored Charging Democrats Over Civil Unrest In Portland And Seattle, Trump Has ENDED The Riots. According to several reports the DOJ was looking into charging Antifa and BLM Leftists with sedition as well as pursuing charges against Democrats who may have contributed.

Where the case is now we don’t know but charges may still happen. It seems extremely unlikely however that this will ever be more than a news story about plans that never came to fruition.

But many people have demanded that Trump, Bill Barr, and The DOJ do more to end the riots. Perhaps this was part of their plans to do as much as possible. Another move they made that perhaps ended the riots was deputizing Oregon State Police so that the Feds could prosecute the BLM organizers who were leading the riots.

It seems to have worked


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. There are a couple dozen news stories and police captures that many ANTIFA and others deliberately starting fires in Oregon …
    How do you Not know this Tim?

  2. All of the money donated to BLM, should go towards reparations to the towns destroyed and people/property damaged or lost due to the riots, looting, and arson. Wheeler didn’t just “do nothing”… it was his job to keep the peace! He was COMPLICIT with ALL the crime by AIDING and ABETTING! How can anyone think otherwise?! Why are there TWO standards of Law – one for all of us normal people and the other for the ELITES!!!!

  3. if there is no law that was broken by the mayor of seattle for allowing the chop to exist or the portland officials for allowing the riots to happen then the law needs to be written because those things should absolutely be illegal.

  4. Tim why are you ignoring the mass arson? You don't believe it? ARRESTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE
    EDIT: lmao a few minutes later you say the fires were caused by arsonists. which one is it?

  5. Jenny Durkin and all of the rest of these Radical, leftist, liberal, Demon Rat mayors and governors are the accessories and the enablers of the many seriously Treasonous, Terrorist, War Crimes of Antifa and BLM. So that makes these mayors and governors just as Criminal as Antifa and BLM. So they should also be charged, investigated, arrested, tried, convicted, and found just as guilty as
    Antifa, and BLM and should be equally as severely and harshly punished along with Antifa and BLM.

  6. These District Attorneys that let rioters get away with terrorism, looting, and literal MURDER would throw a dozen BS charges at Republican voters for standing NEAR a "stay off the grass" sign. I won't be surprised if these rioters break into a home and drag a family out onto their driveway, bloody and beaten, and humiliate them in front of news crews and a cheering audience. I know not all of the protestors are violent, but the rioters are literally killing children and the media tries to paint it like it was justified.

  7. You forget, leftists are reactionary. The story itself especially ones that are unclear in intent will likely push the unstable left into actual illegal actions which are obvious and easily prosecuted. Duh!

  8. Arrest every single politician who stepped on the constitution and peoples civil rights for treason. If they cant be held accountable then whats the point? People in power will just keep abusing their positions.

  9. Hey Tim I do like your podcast I like how you go after different issues but as far as the antifa starting fires I'm not a Facebook member or a Twitter member or nothing like that but there are reports coming in my best friend is Brothers FBI agent there is an investigation going on right now because there are people that have filmed antifa people starting fires and putting bales of hay on fire so sorry to bust your bubble buddy but yeah they are starting fires dude

  10. And if the antifa people weren't starting fires or anything like that there wouldn't be an FBI investigation going on right now about that and on top of that there was an ephah member a few weeks back the code in a fire and then the cops found out the guy that called in about the fire was the actual guy antifa guy that started the fire so one of your listeners actually taught you something today buddy


  12. I notice, after calling it ludicrous, Siegal wasn't actually able to say why it was not able to be done, that prima facie no way, could be met. That's telling. The big brain wheeled out… can't deny they had something to work with. Which of course they did. The woman decided that anarchistic lawlessness was a-okay with her. Was she elected on that platform? Did she legislate accordingly? She doesn't own public property, the people do. And a tiny percentage of them, with many imports, decided they had the right to decide what to do with public property. Where does it say that's okay? She autocratically decided it was. THAT would be a regime. THAT would be the fashy dictatorship. The mayor prevents the police from upholding the law. What is that?
    I notice her rebuttal is fantasy land waffle. Basically pretending no one was paying attention. Her proud little project got lots of attention. These people… why do you have to lie? Why do you have to re-write witnessed history in order to have a defence?

  13. "At no time has anyone at the Department communicated to me that Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is, was or should be the subject of a criminal investigation or should be charged with any federal crime related to the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), As US Attorney I would be aware of such an investigation."
    Not if you are being investigated also for your part in this sedition.

  14. Hey Tim, I am seriously happy and somewhat relieved, to a sceptical point, that Barr and Trump came up with an alternative to stop insurgency versus Military intervention! There would be a lot of young lives lost with the Military.

    Now I am hoping that Barr and Trump stick to their bulletless guns!

    Now I am praying that ANTIFA, BLM and any other Insurrectonists don't do something really stupid on November 4th.

    Most of these brainwashed kids don't understand what a Military Put Down is. It's not a game and the Military would not be playing games!

    Screaming, name calling… in a self controlled protest is one thing. The first aggressive move of Insurgents would be their last move, literally!

    I wish these misguided young folks would take a serious look at the Chicago and LA Riots in the past century. Chicago was put down in 5 days and LA in 6 days. It was pretty much over and Military casualties were minimal. Not so much for the Insurrectonists. There is one individual who is more responsible for this situation escalating to the point it has reached and that is a direct result of releasing rioters and no charges. The estimated damage to Cities and Businesses exceeds $2 Billion Dollars. I think that estimate is low. However, these Mayors and Governors will be held accountable! We may see funds made available for businesses to rebuild but the bulk of expenses rides directly on the shoulders of the Mayors and Governors that let the rioting escalate without any real reprimand for the perpetrators.

    Let's all hope but November 10th the insurgency is ended!

  15. Dude how can you go as far as to mention Soros without addressing theC CP funding, it's classic subversion. Likely is happening on both sides, Russia backing the right whileC CP backs the left.