DOJ Holds the Trump FBI Raid Over the Head of the Midterms… as Predicted

THus “will he be charged” becomes a midterm issue:

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  1. these youtubers are still allowed to exist because they keep you locked into the Hegelian Dialect that is ReD tEAm v BlUE tEaM. If Trump was actually against the establishment they'd have JFK'd him instead of working with him to divide the nation for a half decade now. Irreparably divided I might add.

  2. I'm pretty sure this was said at least a year ago, I know you did, I sure as fuck did as did many others but I think they'll go further and just try to outright cancel the elections, all of them, because they want to make sure the "Evil MAGA white supremacists" don't interfere which speaking of…what's her face, Raggedy Anns replacement said we're all extremists and a threat blah blah…my tin foil hat Spidey senses tell me that they will get the names of Trump voters and go after them, threaten them with jail time as a threat, possibly even treason, couple of thousand anyway as an example to the rest of us.

  3. Anyone who has worked at the treasury department knows, located in the executive org chart, that inscriptions in stone and bronze by the masons threaten the life of anyone interfering with the executive branch. Interfere with the executive branch and all hell will break loose and it is written in stone on the walls of the Mint. The FBI won’t step foot in the Mint but for some reason have gone absolutely bananas over Donald Trump.

  4. Trump's Golf Course house was rated almost 30 years to the day after Ruby Ridge happened. maybe it was just a distraction so people didn't remember the FBI is totally an absolutely out of control

  5. The Constitution is a great idea! But only if it's instituted by Americans! Un-American communist types in government is the "monkey wrench in the works". So, the Constitution fails for want of American principled behavior. I had to be…

  6. I had warned all these YouTube armchair conservatives that the left will indict Trump months ago even thought Jan 6 committee had no evidence while all these conservatives were saying no they won’t. None of these conservatives understand the left. They will do anything, they don’t act with logic. I know this because until recently I was part of the left. I know their goals, aims and mindset. The ends justify the means always and especially when there is no pushback from the right. Only rinos exist on the right. Impeach and indict just for the headlines for the next 6 months is fine. Get a corrupt Judge and jury and mission accomplished. Conservatives commentators and especially conservative voters are dumb as bricks because they expect the left to play fair.

  7. More and more I want him to win more than anything. I want to see his wrath to these people when he doesn't have to worry about reelection and go beyond scorched Earth. Go Black Hole blasting gamma rays that rip apart galaxies on these people.

  8. What are the media, fbi, etc, gaining from all of this? if i can remember correctly, aside from a once in a 50-100 year pandemic, there were around 3 good years economically under Trump and we didn't get into a new War/no new major wars happened. What exactly do these people want, if prosperity and peace are not good enough?

  9. I think there's a conflict of interest with Trump taking Pfizer campaign donation and pimping vaxxines with Schill Orielly claiming they've both been vaxed and boosted. As a president you represent the people not corporations, oh yeah Trump also lied when Epstein died claiming he would drain the swamp instead he signed an emergency authorization use for corporations to receive more koolaide, actually a president is a koolaide dispenser just look at Biden ☕👽

  10. We have ATF showing up on people's door, Trump's house getting raided Biden calling Republicans a threat meaning that there trying to say anything to condone the take over of this country and it's not going to stop. There getting ready for the overstep and attacking the very people who would fight back, it's all the same thing that happened in Germany during WW2 all the same plays. Hence why they been calling us all Natzi fashists for the past 5 years

  11. Trump is not a political insider, he's a businessman who has never taken a bailout, so they have nothing on him, but he knows everyone, for the deep state that makes him extremely dangerous, add to that he proved to the world that all there problems can be solved in an extremely short time, that makes him the biggest threat to government of all time.

  12. Can you say a video from Styxhexenhammer666 didn't aged to well. Not even 24 hours old it died a painful death. In 20 minutes. Biden gave the FASCIST MAGA's all they need to go to polls in two months & vote red. Even for Oz in Pennsylvania. If McConnell does ANYTHING TO GO AGAINST THE GOP. He will be kicked to the curb like Liz Cheney was.

    There's no UNITY with Biden anymore.

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