DOJ Plans To Target PARENTS Protesting Teachers Board Meetings As Potential Terrorists

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski and editor Chris Karr to scrutinize how parents are now classed as potential terrorists by the Department of Justice.

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. I want to say that teaching about the race injustice that has happened in the past is extremely important, slavery against blacks was a thing, poor treatment of foreigners (Irish, Chinese’s) was a thing. segregation exercises were powerful in elementary school. MLK was a hero and should be taught as one. All these topics need to be kept in history class and in some cases literature. The point is that we also need to teach that we’ve come a long way and that we need to continue to move forward as equals. Demonizing the police, talking about white guilt, and screaming about false inequalities today does not help us move forward. The parents have every right to be upset about modern teachings. Slapping some crt agenda into math questions especially infuriates me.

  2. Meanwhile… Biden gives over a massive stockpile of US military weapons and vehicles over to the Taliban who did attack us on 911…
    Just… how do you perform those mental gymnastics?

  3. Why do they go after the parents? Far left politicians know that left and far left have much less children
    than conservatives, so they try to STEAL YOUR CHILDREN. By the demographics alone, they would lose
    all the time in elections if they didn't do this. They are literally attacking the roots of the w cult and the
    doj is just an extension of the jackasses. They have a perfectly apt mascot. Hee haw hee haw. 🐎

  4. The idea is to turn everyone into children of the state. A ton of people have signed up already. Maturity is practically considered evil by most these days.

  5. If you dare to disagree with our new overlords you are a terrorist that needs to be stopped and that is why all Trump supporters are labeled terrorists and half the population need to be exterminated…

  6. This should be a local issue. Not a federal issue. And for sure not the head of the DOJ whos son or daughter gets funding for their school via these programs that these parents don't want.

  7. All of you dumb damned Republican idiots who supported the Patriot Act and Spy State under Bush will now get what you have coming…… All of us old school patriots screamed at you until we were blue in the face but you wouldn't listen. Time to pay the piper…..

  8. Sounds like it's a department of injustice…

    But we already knew that when they let literal antifa terrorists who use firebombs free and keep people that were escorted into the capital by FBI agents in jail.

  9. So, Parents are expressing their unhappy with the School Boards, are terrorists. Americans taking their protests of the Federal Government to the Federal Government, are terrorists…but the ORGANIZED groups of Politically motivated individuals burning homes, and businesses to instill fear in the populace, for a year are not.

  10. CRT is something the Republicans made up? Do they think we are that stupid in the age of information? They have used the law to push CRT, they made the term up themselves, and now they claim CRT is a conspiracy theory made up by the Right?!?!?!

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